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VANLIFE | No one told us it's so addictive

Hi! We are Marc & Loes. In our self-built bus called 'Petje' we drive on Europe and we experience the coolest things. We are only too happy to record this to give you a place in our front seat. Under the name Front Seat Stories (Instagram here , Youtube there), we share our adventures to inspire and above all to entertain. Because life is a party / because it doesn't always have to be so serious.

Two years of life

After we doubled our six-month travel plan with another six months in the summer of 2020, we decide to use the doubler again this year and add a total of one more year to our dream trip through Europe. You read it right; #vanlife is addictive.

Two years of life
Two years of life
We can't get enough of our vanlife life
We can't get enough of our vanlife life

DIY Campervan

Are you thinking of renovating your own bus? Be sure to watch our van-build film in which we show you how to convert a Peugeot Boxer L10H2 into a camper in 2 steps.

Vanlife life lessons

We will stay in the Netherlands for three months to celebrate the arrival of our first cousin and to be with family and friends. What luck <3

Here we try to hold on to our new vanlife lifestyle with new life lessons as best we can. And time is exactly what we have given to our friends and family back home. We continued to live in our bus so that we didn't have to go to work to pay the rent for our house in Amsterdam. This makes many sleepovers in driveways inevitable and a unique and rewarding time with many friends as a result.

"Time is the most valuable thing you can give someone."


With the camper to Turkey

After a nice time in The Netherlands, we decide to leave again in mid-July 2021. This time with a concrete goal in mind; Turkey† Time? 9 months. We will travel via the Balkans, most likely and knowing a lot along the coast, towards Turkey. 

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Although, don't be surprised if we do decide to change course and many can be found in the interior - read the mountains.

The Italian Dolomites

Because: The mountains. If there is one thing from last year that still bothers Marc, it is that we can't go to the last minute Italian Dolomites have been. What he dreamed of as a little boy, and what was within reach, he saw disappear like snow in the sun. Unceremoniously, this bucket-list item was not crossed off during our first adventure. 

Like so many of our plans last year, in the heyday of corona. It has in no way resulted in us planning even less than we already did. No excel lists for us and certainly no boarded-up highlight-to-highlight agenda.

All is a bucketlist. throwing something in the trash can, of course, is a bit exaggerated. That is why there are still great plans on the agenda. And what's in the barrel… It's high time this time to really cross off some things from that list and that's why our 'part two' starts; The Road to Turkey in.. you guessed it; The Dolomites.

New YouTube Series

Expect a lot of travel inspiration, new life lessons, and also very practical and instructive tips. Our goal? Making sure you go on your long trip through Europe too planning and 'just travel'!

So get ready for a trip across Europe, en route to Turkey, from the front seat of Front Seat Stories.


Marc, Loes and our bus 'Petje'.

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❌ In our self-built camper called Petje we travel through Europe
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Hi! We are Marc & Loes. In our self-build bus called 'Petje' we drive through Europe and we experience the most cool things. We are on our way to Turkey and are only too happy to record this to give you a spot in our front seat. Under the name Front Seat Stories we share our adventures on YouTube and Instagram to inspire and above all to entertain. So get in, buckle up and enjoy!

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