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10 biggest differences between #vanlife in Sardinia and Spain

Last month we spent with our camper in Sardinia. Before that we have been in Spain for a long time. What are the biggest differences between the two places when you travel with a camper?

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1. High Season

The motorhome tourism in Sardinia is much more concentrated in the months of May to August. In contrast, Spain is popular among motor home owners all year round. That is why many motorhome facilities in Sardinia are simply closed outside the high season. This includes camping sites and (dirty water) discharge areas. So if you really want to stay at a camping/camper park in Sardinia while traveling outside the high season: try to find out in advance whether they are actually open.

2. Free clean water points

If you think Spain already has many places to get free water for your motorhome, then you haven't been to Sardinia yet. Almost literally every village has one or more public drinking water taps.

Free water in Sardinia
One of the many free water spots in Sardinia

3. Trash and Trash Cans

Where in Spain you can easily throw away all your waste and separate it in one of the many colored trash cans, you cannot do this in Sardinia. For us it has always been a search for places where we could leave our waste. We have often used (small) street trash cans.

4. Sleeping on your own beach

Parking and sleeping in your camper on the beach is very easy in Sardinia. In Spain you have relatively often traffic signs that indicate that you are not allowed to park on the beach or that there is a busy road close to the coast (parking places). In addition, the coastline of Sardinia is very winding, so you can easily have your own bay or your own piece of beach without other motor home owners. Ideal for entering the water in front of your camper and discovering the underwater world with your snorkel!

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A beautiful camper place on the coast
A beautiful camper place on the coast
Do you see our camper?
Do you see our camper?

5. Diesel price

The price difference in diesel is huge. In Spain a liter of diesel costs around €1.05 (and you can even refuel under the euro per liter if you try a little bit to find a cheap place) but in Sardinia you will lose at least €1.45 per litre. If you go by boat from Spain to Sardinia, we recommend filling the tank in Spain!

6. Waste in nature

Unfortunately, there is an incredible amount of waste in nature in Sardinia. We have seen many places where even washing machines have been dumped. The roadsides are also full of glass beer bottles, plastic bottles and other waste. You will also find waste fairly often in Spain, but we have not encountered the large waste such as in Sardinia anywhere.

7. Wind

Sardinia is very susceptible to wind. Ideal if you like wind or kite surfing, flying a kite or a walk on the beach, but not ideal if you want to sleep peacefully at night. Never mind if you have a pop-top camper. Fortunately, you can sleep almost anywhere in your RV, so it's always possible to find a more sheltered spot.

A sheltered motorhome spot in Sardinia ​
A sheltered motorhome spot in Sardinia

8. Friendly people

No difference, but certainly not unimportant to mention: the locals are very friendly in both places!

9. Snorkeling

We mentioned it briefly at point 4, but Sardinia is (especially compared to Spain) really a snorkeling paradise! The sea water is crystal clear in all places around the island. Add to that the rocky coastline and snow-white beaches and you will understand why we have snorkeled many times. A quick summary of what we saw: starfish, sea cucumbers, sea urchins, turtle, shrimp and fish of all sizes and colors. If you go in March/April: a wetsuit is not an unnecessary luxury because of the temperature of the water.

Sardinia snorkeling paradise for motorhome owners in Europe​
Sardinia snorkeling paradise for campers in Europe

10. Other motorhome owners

The last difference is the number of motorhomes in the low season. We encountered many more in Spain than in Sardinia. Also not very surprising when you compare the temperatures, the winter/spring is on average colder in Sardinia than in southern Spain. Add to that the fact that most motorhome facilities are closed outside the high season and there you have your statement. 

The nice thing about the small number of motorhomes in Sardinia is that you will always find the same motorhomes at the few facilities that are open. You quickly get to know each other. In contrast, in Spain there is more of a #vanlife vibe.

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