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New Zealand is known to almost everyone as the country where all natural phenomena come together. Do you want glaciers, hot springs, volcanoes, rainforests and snowy mountains? Then you get that too! Because this country has it all. The original inhabitants – the Maoris and formerly the Polynesians – have inhabited the country since the year 500. They are still the protectors of the beautiful landscapes. New Zealand is a powerful country that you simply have to visit once. Point.

From moonscape to sandy beach

Of course, New Zealand mainly gained name and fame through the films of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. All the beautiful sets come directly from the North or South Island in New Zealand. The North Island has a huge thermal area with hot springs and sputtering mud pools. You will also find quiet bays here where you can enjoy sailing. The South Island is rougher and more inhospitable, but perhaps even more breathtaking. You fall from one dizzying adventure to the next. Hikes through ice tunnels, along cliffs and fjords, paragliding, skiing, you can do everything you can dream of.

Auckland, Wellington and Queenstown

New Zealand doesn't have huge cities, but it does have very nice places to recover from your intense tour. Auckland and the capital Wellington are located on the North Island and have a very relaxed atmosphere. Both cities have bays and cozy inner cities with friendly locals. On the South Island you will find two beautiful places with Queenstown and Christchurch. Beautiful buildings, a typical English atmosphere and many challenges such as bungee jumping.

North Island

New Zealand is quite isolated, about 2000 kilometers from Australia. It is also a completely different country from its 'big brother'. Where Australia has a dry, hot and vast desert landscape, New Zealand has a lot of nature. The country is divided into two main islands. the North Island and the South Island.

The northern part has a warmer climate and greener vegetation, the larger Southern Island has jagged mountains, blue lakes and deep fjords. New Zealand is the same size as Great Britain. From north to south the distance is 1600 kilometers. Most New Zealanders are descended from the British, but you will also meet many Dutch who have settled there.

Three quarters of the population lives on the North Island, sixty percent of the population lives in the six major cities. Ten percent of the population consists of the original Maoris.

Kiwi national pride

New Zealand has its own flora and fauna due to its isolated location. The kiwi is a national pride, a strange bird, thirty centimeters high, hairy and, moreover, the beast cannot fly. Yet the New Zealanders often identify with kiwis and also name themselves after these birds.

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