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New Zealand | Activities in Kaikoura

When you visit the beautiful New Zealand may you the special coastal town kaikoura (Location here ) don't miss it. The city, which is about 2,5 hours drive from Christchurch is mainly known for the many animal species that you can spot in and around the sea. A special place with a lot to see. You definitely want to do these activities when you visit Kaikoura:

Go swimming with dolphins

One of the coolest things you can do in Kaikoura is swimming with dolphins. Dolphin Encounter Kaikoura is one of the companies in Kaikoura that offers this activity. Before diving into the deep end, you will first receive a comprehensive briefing on the safety of swimming with the Dusky dolphins. You will also receive your swimming outfit right away to ensure that you do not become hypothermic while snorkeling.

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Activities in Kaikoura | Spot dolphins
Activities in Kaikoura | Spot dolphins

From the harbor you then go by boat in search of a school of dolphins. Sometimes these schools can consist of up to 1000 dolphins! As soon as they are spotted, the boat races towards them and you then get the chance to admire these beautiful animals up close. In the wild! Dolphins are curious animals and will swim around you playfully.

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Look for the Albatross

Kaikoura also has an abundance of albatrosses. These large birds can reach a wingspan of 3,5 meters! Albatross Encounters takes you out on the water to see different species of birds up close. During this tour you will of course get plenty of fascinating information about these special birds and who knows, you might even see more wild life such as dolphins and whales!

Take a whale watching tour

One of the best places in New Zealand to spot whales is in Kaikoura and mainly sperm whales. The first time I visited Kaikoura in 2016 I went whale watching with Whale Watch Kaikoura. This organization guarantees with 95% certainty that you will see whales. If not, you will get 80% of the price you paid back! During the tour, which lasts about 2 hours, you will head out to the open sea by catamaran. The boat makes less noise so that it does not frighten whales and is a lot less polluting for the ocean. You will also hear interesting information from the experienced crew on board about the various animals that live in these waters. I myself have done this tour twice, where I saw four sperm whales, a school of dolphins and a few albatrosses during the first trip!

Activities in Kaikoura | Whale watching
Activities in Kaikoura | Whale watching

Visit the fragrant Lavender Farm

The lavender farm is located just outside the center (location here ) and consists of beautiful rows full of lavender. Take a breath of fresh air at the farm or book an overnight stay in one of their accommodations. Of course they have a nice gift shop full of lavender products and if that's not enough they even show you how they make lavender oil.

Take a walk on the Peninsula Walkway

De Peninsula Walkway (Location here ) is an easy 11 km hike that takes about three hours. This walk takes you around the peninsula of Kaikoura and gives you beautiful views over the bay. There are also shorter routes if you don't feel like walking for three hours. You will also find a seal colony at the coast. When the tide is out you have the opportunity to walk on the rocks and who knows, you might spot a few lazy seals on the rocks, but watch out! Even though they seem like big stuffed animals, it is certainly not advisable to get very close. Watch them from a distance, which is nice for you and the seals.

Activities in Kaikoura | Peninsula Walkway
Activities in Kaikoura | Peninsula Walkway

Admire Kaikoura from above

Admire Kaikoura from above? Discover this coastal town from a completely different perspective! There are several scenic flights over the mountains, the peninsula and of course the ocean. The flights that are really special are the whale flights. These flights give you a special view of the whales. This way you can really see how big these special animals are. You can choose from a helicopter tour or in a small plane. Whatever you choose, a special experience is guaranteed!

Photo: Air Kaikoura
Photo: Air Kaikoura
Photo: Air Kaikoura
Photo: Air Kaikoura

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End the day with your own caught meal

Kaikoura is of course known for its delicious fresh fish and shellfish. You will never get it this fresh again! You can go here with one of the local boats a tour to catch your own fresh fish. After the boat trip you take your own caught loot and prepare it yourself. Couldn't be better, right? Lets eat!

Activities in Kaikoura | crayfish
Activities in Kaikoura | crayfish

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