Author - Chris

4x4 camper gadgets and upgrades

Our 4×4 world trip camper (2) | Gadgets & Upgrades

Because we have already done so much, we divide the blogs about the 4×4 camper into three parts. One about the bathroom and the interior, one about the gadgets and upgrades (this article) and one about the technology and upgrades of...


Goodbye Ukraine, be well

Due to the accumulation of travel in the past two years, I have never really got around to writing a blog about my trip to Ukraine. I was in Kharkiv (aka: Kharkiv) for a week in 2020, in…

highlights croatia

Itinerary Croatia 2 to 4 weeks | Hints and Highlights

Croatia is a country that has become increasingly popular as a holiday destination in recent years. And frankly, that's absolutely right. Along the coast in Croatia are more than a thousand islands, most of them uninhabited...

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