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Volendam and Marken | The nicest villages for a day out in our own country!

Fancy a fun day out in your own country, but you just don't know where to go? Then visit the nice villages Volendam en Brands† These two cute and authentic fishing villages, located just above Amsterdam, are the ideal place to stroll around for a day. In addition, both villages have a rich history with many traditional and typical Dutch features. Eat delicious fish in the harbor of Volendam and view the wooden houses in Marken. If you're in the area, hit the villages Monnickendam en Pants in Waterland not about! While one village is known for its large monuments, the other village is mainly known for all pastel colored houses† Curious about what a day in Volendam and Marken could look like? Then read on quickly!

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when you on Volendam When you think about it, the first thing that comes to mind is often tasty fish! And that is certainly true, because Volendam has always been a well-known fishing village where you can get and eat delicious fresh fish. With about 22.640 inhabitants and the Volendam dialect, the village is a well-known attraction for mainly tourists. However, it is also like Dutchman a nice place to go for a day. It is easily accessible both by public transport and by car. Walk along the Dijk in Volendam past the souvenir shops, fish stalls and the old harbor where many fishing boats are moored. Have a photo taken at in typical Volendam traditional costume at one of the photo studios or visit the cheese factory!

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Are you in Volendam? Then you might as well pay a visit to Brands† Visiting Volendam and Marken in one day is easy to do as the villages are close to each other. Marken is mainly known for the authentic wooden houses built on wooden piles. Especially in spring and summer there is a cozy atmosphere. To reach Marken you can choose two options. Take the boat from the harbor of Volendam in the direction of Marken or drive to Marken by car. Of course you can also reach Marken by bike or an e-chopper. Is the weather nice? Then I advise you to make the crossing by boat. This way you can enjoy the weather and the environment during the trip. You are already in the small harbor of Marken in 20 minutes. Do you choose to visit Marken by car? At the start, when you arrive in Marken, you will immediately find a parking space where you can park your car.


Monnickendam, another village close to Volendam and Marken. In fact, if you drive from Volendam to Marken by car, you can hardly miss this village! Monnickendam may be very small, but like the other villages, it has a rich history. It museum the Speeltoren is a must when you are in Monnickendam. This is where the oldest carillon, also known as chimes, is located, which is still played. Fun fact: the Saint Nicholas Church in Monnickendam has been a national monument since 1967! Walk through the traditional streets and you will soon notice that many buildings have been built with gable stones.

Pants in Waterland

Those who know me know that I am a huge fan of colored houses. That's why I always like to travel to Middle- and South America† Why? Because it creates a tropical atmosphere and it also looks very cheerful. When I found out that there is a village in the Netherlands where you can also find all kinds of pastel-colored houses, I had to pay a visit there. Which village are we talking about? The answer is Pants in Waterland† This village is also located in Waterland and can therefore be easily combined when you visit Volendam and Marken. Broek in Waterland is a protected cityscape. You will find nice here colorful houses and the name says it all, the village has many small cute canals and ditches to sail through. Very nice to rent a whisper boat in the summer! I would advise you to visit Broek in Waterland by car, because then you are more flexible and do not have to pay attention to the departure times.

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