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Outdoor tips and nice walking routes in South Limburg

Many people are looking for beautiful hiking trails in their own country these days, because they sit still so much at home and at work. In South Limburg you can experience the real holiday feeling, because the region is very hilly and because the architectural style of the many villages and castles feels more Belgian or German than Dutch. In this article we give you some outdoor tips. Think of nice walking routes, good equipment for walking and a nice stay which we can recommend so that you will have a nice outdoor experience undisturbed.

Hiking Trails in South Limburg

There are countless nice walking routes in South Limburg. Whether you want to enjoy an hour or two in the fresh air, or are an advanced walker who can fill a whole day with hiking, there is something for everyone. We went on the internet looking for some nice walking routes that we could walk. Below is a short summary of the various routes that we have walked, including some beautiful photos that we took while walking.

Hiking route Oud-Valkenburg | 9,3 KM or 6 KM

During this hilly walk, you first walk to the beautiful Gerendal and via a surprising path to Schin op Geul. Here you pass the terrace of Landhotel Heuvelzicht for a drink. Then you walk along the railway to the foot of the Döalkesberg. Via a steep staircase you climb up to the Kluis and you pass a state road.

Schaloensmolen - Walking route old Valkenburg
Schaloensmolen – Walking route old Valkenburg

The way back is on a panoramic path with beautiful views to a secluded farm and over the Schaelsberg. There are plenty of benches along the way and you can shorten the route to 6 km if necessary. Don't forget to admire the beautiful Schaloen Castle and its gardens!

More information about this walking route? then click here .

Brasserie Schaloen Castle
Brasserie Schaloen Castle
Schaloen Castle – South Limburg walking routes

Hiking route Hulsberg | 5 KM

This nice detour is great for exploring the Hulsberg area. You walk up a small forest slope and then you walk over a beautiful plateau with beautiful panoramic views. After a nice stretch through the forest you walk up through beautiful sunken roads. The last part you walk through the old center of Hulsberg past the church and the monastery. At the end there is a cozy terrace for a nice cup of coffee.

More information about this walking route? then click here .

Hiking route Schin op Geul | 5,8 KM

This relatively short but tough walk with 2 slopes goes through the woods and over meadows where you can see the beautiful hillsides of the Gerendal. You pass beautiful expanses of hilly meadows where the cows graze freely.

More information about this walking route? then click here .

Hiking route Schin op Geul: meadows and cows
Hiking route Schin op Geul: meadows and cows

Tip: are you looking for an alternative? Then is walking in National Park de Groote Peel (North Limburg) might be something for you.

Corona-proof outdoor tips

As you can see in the photos above, we also just went for a walk here in the winter. It's doable if you have the right equipment. For example, make sure you have good, sturdy walking shoes. The forest trails and meadows can be very uneven, swampy and muddy. The region is also very hilly, so at times you will sweat because the walk can be quite tough.

Hiking route Schin op Geul: beautiful forest paths

At another time it will be cool because of the wind that rages over the Limburg meadows. A good outdoor jacket or vest is therefore recommended. Look for a good one outdoor store where you can purchase decent hiking and outdoor gear. In addition, always make sure you have enough water with you and possibly some snacks for the road, especially now that hardly anything is open during the corona period.

Where to stay: Klimmen holiday home

Holiday home Klimmen is centrally located in hilly South Limburg, where we had a wonderful stay. With beautiful large windows and a beautiful view of the hills, this is the ideal place to stay for a few days if you want to go hiking in South Limburg. Click on the photos below to enlarge them.

Tip: Holiday home Climbing is here can be found on Google Maps. There you will also find the contact information of the landlord, so that you can book directly without the intervention of providers such as Booking.com or Trivago.

Tip:: do you absolutely love walking? Maybe then you can walking in Epen, you can read all about it at our neighbors destinationbuitenlucht.nl.

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