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City trip | Visit the metropolis of Istanbul this summer

Oh Istanbul, what an amazing city that has so much to offer. Many think that Istanbul is the capital of Turkey, while Ankara is actually the capital. Istanbul has a lot to offer the tourists. Turkey also wants tourists to come. Recently, all of Turkey was in lockdown, but the government made an exception for tourists. That is why Turkey is recommended for a city ​​trip this summer. If the country still goes into lockdown, then you know that the lockdown does not apply to you as a tourist.

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Turkish words

First of all, I think it would be useful to share with you a few Turkish words that might be useful during your trip in Istanbul. Most Turkish people can speak English, but it is always nice if you can communicate in their language. Hello of Hello there means hello. good morning is gunaydin. Good evening is iyi aksamlar.
How much is that O kac para? Thanks is teşekkür ederim or sagol. The Turkish population is very hospitable and helpful. Be careful in the big city though, not everyone is your friend.

Escape the city and take a dip in the sea at Avşa . Island

I have been to this beautiful city many times myself. Reason for this is because I have family living in Istanbul. But besides visiting the family, I also have other reasons to visit this city. Every year in the summer we went to Istanbul and it can be hot there. Yes yes, I know, I wanted nice weather, but the temperatures could be high. And then what did we do? We took the boat and went by boat to an island called Avşa. This takes about 3 hours. Discos, restaurants, all ingredients are present on this island to have a top holiday. It's wonderful to share this trip with you city ​​trip to hang in Istanbul.

In Turkey, payment is made with the Turkish lira. This is beneficial for us, because 1 euro is now 10 lira (May 2021). I do remember it used to be 4 lira, so you have to check how cheap Turkey is for us.

Gold miners spotted!

Kapalıçarşı literally means closed city. Among tourists, Kapalıçarşı is also known as the grand bazaar. Whether you like gold or not, you simply have to see this place during your city trip in Istanbul. It's quite an experience. The grand bazaar is a covered market and has more than 58 streets. Uhm…navigation at hand? In addition to jewelry, you can also find bags and spices here. Have your eye on something? Good to know that in Turkey it is normal to haggle. So use your skills and score that nice bag you want for a good price! Ready, set go?!

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It is good to know that the grand bazaar is open from Monday to Saturday from 8:30 am to 19:00 pm. Please note that the grand bazaar is closed on Sundays.

Jummy for my tummy

Guess what! When I go to Turkey I am always super happy, because I love the weather, the fun and the sights. But how on earth can I resist the delicious food? Before I go on holiday I train very hard, because I know that I will arrive in Turkey. There are eateries all over the street and you can get food for next to nothing. I advise you to eat Simit anyway. A Simit is a round Turkish bread with sesame that is often eaten for breakfast. This is often drunk with tea. You can buy a Simit for a maximum of 2 lira. That's just 0,20 cents. Turkish people love sweets! The sweeter, the better. Try the baklava!

It is good to know that Turkey has also been very affected by the Corona pandemic. So if you can spare it you can always give a small tip!


Turkey is an Islamic country and Istanbul has many mosques that you can visit, including the Blue Mosque and of course the Sultan-Ahmet Mosque.

Suleymaniye Mosque

However, Istanbul is multicultural. You can also find various churches there, including St. Anthony's Cathedral. You shop at Istiklal Caddesia† This is the busiest street in Istanbul. Good to know is that a lot of fake designer clothes are sold in Turkey. The clothing is indistinguishable from real brand clothing. Shop till you drop† So if you buy those clothes, it is good to check in advance on the customs website what is and is not allowed. It's funny that I once bought a pair of pants in Turkey and the seller said: what brand do you want? He immediately sewed a G-star logo on it and bam I had a fake G-star pants that were just like real!


I love discovering new places, new people and new cultures. Recently I traveled through South East Asia for four months. That was really spectacular! When will you get another chance like this? Sometimes you have to create opportunities yourself. I see travel more as an investment. So invest in yourself and explore!

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