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Negative PCR test now also mandatory in Spain for cars and campers

TRAVEL NEWS – March 29, 2021: From tomorrow March 30th it is mandatory to hand over a negative PCR test at the border of Spain† The PCR test can be up to 72 hours old. Previously, such PCR tests were only required upon arrival at airports, but the Spanish government now decided to apply this also to the border controls on the road. Anyone who wants to enter the country by road, for example with a car or camper, must be able to hand over a negative PCR test.

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Extra crowds expected in border areas

It is not yet known exactly what these checks will look like. However, it is expected that such checks will take extra time, which may increase crowds in the border areas. So reserve extra time for a border crossing to Spain in the coming period, if you travel into the country with your own transport.

The obligation of the PCR test applies to all travelers aged 6 and older who enter Spain via France entering by road, regardless of nationality and country of travel. From Portugal this control does not seem to take place for the time being.

The new PCR test requirements do not apply to truck drivers who have to cross the border for their work. Border workers and residents of France who travel within a radius of 30 kilometers around their place of residence are also not required to submit a negative PCR test if they are living or working in France.

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SpTH-form not required for the time being

In addition to having a negative PCR test, every traveler who enters the country via an airport airport, the so-called SpTH form to fill in. Via this online form you must provide your contact details and travel plans, so that the Spanish government can contact you in case of calamities. This form has been mandatory since summer 2020 for travelers entering Spain via an airport or port. The form is not yet mandatory for land transport.

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