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You can learn how to realize dreams! † World travelers discount worth € 25,-

A travel the world is on top of you bucketlist.† A dream that you are only too happy to fulfill, but… you don't know how to go about preparing this journey, where do you start? You don't dare to let go of your certainties to travel for such a long time, you are afraid what others will think, you can't miss your family for so long or you think you can never save enough money to do this to be able to reach. Does this sound familiar? Our world travelers Lisa and Erik (Reisstel.nl) have a online course (click here) develop with which they can help you realize your dreams. We were one of the first to view the course and are happy to tell you more about it!

You can learn to realize dreams

You can learn to realize dreams, not only a statement that Lisa and Erik (Reisstel.nl) fully support, but that has also become the title of their online course. They know better than anyone what it is like to make a dream a reality. For example, after a long period of preparation, they sold their house and quit their job to travel indefinitely. When they had to interrupt their world tour after 2 months because of the corona virus, they decided to fulfill another dream: to set up their own company. The combination of the company and their travel dream was merged: on roadtrip through Europe with camper Fred. 

Switching the button after a burnout

Now it may sound like they are doing well with all the dreams they are realizing, but this did not come naturally for them either. About 3 years ago Lisa ended up in a burn-out and this was an extremely intense and unpleasant period for both of them. And yes, no matter how harsh it is… sometimes something bad has to happen before you realize: I'm going to do this differently! From then on, the switch went: we're going to do what makes us happy instead of what we think is expected of us. 

Reisstel.nl | camper life

Especially Lisa has learned a lot about herself through the burn-out period. How do you make sure you know what you really want? What really makes you happy? And perhaps even more importantly: how do you go about making this dream a reality? She has learned a lot from psychologists, coaches and of course from her own experience through trial and error. She has combined these lessons into assignments and exercises that are all covered in the course. 

Making your dream a reality course

The course helps you in 5 steps to make your dream a reality. You will learn to formulate your dream concretely and clearly, so that you can really work towards your dream. You will also gain insight into which obstacles and fears are standing in your way. Why have you failed so far? By tackling this, a world literally opens up for you. You will then divide the dream into smaller sub-goals, so that you can achieve your dream step by step with a concrete plan. Finally, Lisa helps you keep your mindset positive and gives you various tools to ensure that it contributes to success. 

Reisstel.nl | daily life during the lockdown in Greece | Bicycles

In short: does that world trip still seem far away for you, unrealistic and feasible? Do you keep falling into the same pitfalls or are you held back by your obstacles and fears? Do you stay stuck in your comfort zone when you would really like nothing more than to get out of it, so that you can actually make that journey? Then quickly check the online course 'realize dreams you can learn' and get ready to make 2021 your year! 

Don't you dream of a trip around the world, but do you have another dream that you could use some help with? Which can! The online course is a guide to realizing your dream, no matter how big or small it is. 

World travelers discount worth € 25,-

The Earlybird promotion applies until 31 January, where you will also receive a 1 on 1 Q&A in addition to the course. We can from Wereldreizigers.nl on top of that 25 euros extra discount to give! Simply use the discount code 'world travelers' to calculate the discount.

Wereldreizigers.nl (World Travelers dot NL)

Wereldreizigers.nl means 'World Travelers' in Dutch. Get inspired, get onboard!

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