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Must sees Venice | Burano & Murano | The colored islands

Are you talking about Venice in Italy, then one thinks of romance† But Venice is so much more than that! When you visit Venice, you really can't skip the neighboring island of Burano. By boat you are here within an hour and it is so beautiful here! When I arrived on this island I had an instant feeling of happiness. Why? It is the most colorful environment I have ever seen! Who does not enjoy brightly colored houses, the boats and the water in combination with the Italian atmosphere? Burano is therefore really one of the must-sees in Venice.

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Main street Burano - Must sees Venice
Main street Burano – Must sees Venice

How to get from Venice to Burano

De Vaporetto Ferries sailing from Venice to the island of Burano (and Murano). The costs for a one-way ticket are 7,50 €† You can also choose a day ticket or a ticket for several days. If you make full use of the ferries, you will of course be cheaper. The ferry to Burano departs from the San Marco Square and goes first to Murano† You can choose to explore this island first and then transfer to another ferry that will take you to Burano Island. It's all easy and is actually self-explanatory. So it is no need to book a tour to these islands! That way you are at least flexible and you can stay as long as you want.

No car per household, but a boat | Burano
No car per household, but a boat | Burano

Things to Do in Burano

Okay, there isn't much to 'do' in Burano, but that's okay! Burano is an experience and attraction in itself. In addition, it is a much quieter in Burano if you compare it to Venice. It is also nice to escape from this crowds for a while!

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Colored houses in Burano

So you don't want to do many other things in Burano than just walk around! we are about a little over an hour been on this island and strolled through the streets and took a lot of pictures. That's the nice thing about Burano: every corner of every street is photogenic† When you walk through Burano it seems like you are walking through a painting, it is so beautiful there! Provided you like color of course….

The many colors of Burano | Venice must sees
The many colors of Burano | Venice must sees
Like walking through a painting | Burano, Venice
Like walking through a painting | Burano, Venice

Local life in Burano

The best thing about this island is that you get a taste of the local life. The 'big' streets in Burano are of course very busy because it remains a tourist hotspot† But when you walk through the smaller streets you notice that it is becoming quieter. You see people hanging out the laundry, enjoying the sun and a cup of coffee or just being together. How wonderful is it to live on this island?! It seems like something to me!

Locals who enjoy watching what passes by | Burano, Venice
Locals who enjoy watching what passes by | Burano, Venice
Even the laundry is photogenic here
Even the laundry is photogenic here

Lace shopping in Burano

For years, the main source of income has been fishing. But in the meantime something much more important has been added, namely the production of lace† On the island of Burano you will therefore see many shops where lace is sold. If you like to see how they make this, you can visit the museum that is located in Burano: Museum of Merletto.

Lace shopping in Burano | Museum of Merletto.
Lace shopping in Burano | Museum of Merletto.

Tip: also go to the neighboring island of Murano

If you have visited Burano you would be crazy not to take the opportunity to go to Murano. The nice thing about Murano is that the weather totally different from Burano but certainly has a lot of charm. While Burano is known for its lace production, you immediately notice what they specialize in when you arrive in Murano. The island is full of shops selling glassware. You can also get a glass factory Walk in to watch the glassblowers at work. Very impressive!

Lovely walk around Burano | Venice must sees
Lovely walk around Murano | Venice must sees

Another difference is that Murano a lot quieter is Burano, which makes this island perfect for a break from the crowds. You will also find less colored houses here, but that does not make the island any less beautiful. The most beautiful part of the island I found the area around the Pont Longo.

The 'main street' of Burano
The 'main street' of Murano

Tour through Italy?

Are you planning to have a to travel through Italy† Of course the destinations such as Milan, Cinque Terre, Siena, Rome and Naples on your list. Do you want to know what you really shouldn't miss in Italy? Then take a look at our Italy page.

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