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Travel advice Switzerland | Traveling in times of corona – What do you have to arrange?

As you probably noticed on social media, I'm in the middle of the corona 'lockdown' of Europe still traveling to Switzerland gone. After being at home for a year, I really thought it was time to get out and about. Sorry! I did want to do that as responsibly as possible… That's why I bought a earlier this year 4×4 motorhome because this allows me to create my own corona-free bubble, even without campsites. Load up with groceries, limit the number of contacts and just enjoy nature. In this corona-free bubble, despite all the restrictions, I can still see part of Europe relatively safely, so let's go!

Travel restrictions in Europe

Then of course the question is: which country do you let in? And on what conditions? I eventually chose a trip in corona time to Switzerland, because the corona figures there were relatively low and the government has imposed very clear rules and restrictions. The nature here is also overwhelmingly beautiful and there are countless places where you can safely enjoy your trip. In this article I will tell you everything about the basics: namely the rules in Switzerland and what you have to do exactly to enter the country for an unforgettable trip. The beautiful places that I have visited will be discussed in a next blog! You will find some nice pictures here and there in this article, just because it is possible =)

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Arrange in advance for a trip to Switzerland

First of all, you will have to plan your trip. Previously, you got into the car and set off. Unfortunately that is no longer possible. Several countries in Europe now expect you to register your trip, and to be able to hand over a negative PCR test result. This is also the case in Switzerland and below I will explain exactly what you need to arrange in advance before you travel to Switzerland.

The most up-to-date travel advice for Switzerland can be found on the website of netherlandsworldwide.nl

PCR test (not older than 72 hours)

This is a very important one. In principle, you will not enter the country without a negative PCR test result. Unfortunately, these tests are expensive, about 130 to 150 euros (in the Netherlands) and 150+ euros in Switzerland. Now, like all other travel blogs, I can refer you to commercial parties to earn money yourself (you pay 150 euros for the test, I get 5 euros from that), but I prefer to be open and honest with you and will you therefore save that 150 euros per person. You should also see hardly any advertising on this website and no pop-ups. Pretty nice, right? I want to share experiences and help people to have a nice journey. I don't have this website to get rich from it. If you can appreciate that, consider a small donation!

UPDATE 06 May 2021: Vaccinations while traveling has a nice offer that is worth considering. Instead of 139 euros per person, you now pay 109 euros per person, provided you take the PCR test with at least 2 people at the same time. The offer is mainly intended for families or groups. You can immediately make an appointment for the test via the button below.

Free PCR test

That said, you can take a free bet. That gamble worked out well for me, because I was allowed to enter Switzerland with a FREE PCR test† I just did that test in the Netherlands, just through our own government. The fastest way is to arrange this online using your DigiD. Go to www.coronatest.nl, log in with your DigiD and make an appointment at least 12 hours before you leave for Switzerland. Timing is key, because the test is only valid for 72 hours. So plan well!

Tip: I have had myself tested several times in the past period and I usually got the result between 6 and 12 hours after testing. You can assume that you will have the result within 24 hours these days.

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Not officially valid for travel

The gamble you're taking here is that you don't have an official printed form to show at the border. When you receive the test result digitally, it also states that it is not 'valid proof'.

What nonsense! This is purely and simply meant to scare you. The government would rather you don't travel, and I think that threshold of 150 euros per person at a private institution is more of a deterrent.

Because I arrived at the Swiss border, had to show a PCR test (I happened to pass through the check), so I had no form. With some explanation, I simply showed the agent live that I was logging in to the Dutch government website via my DigiD. You can set the test result to English in the top right (see screenshot), so that he can also read it. So I just showed my negative test result via my DigiD and that was fine! I don't know if the officer was just in a good mood but I got a smile with an 'okay' and was allowed to continue. I immediately saved 150 euros. Hoppakeej!

Rapid test at the border

In the unlikely event that you are refused after submitting your test result via DigiD, there are options to take a quick test directly at the border. You also pay 150 euros for this. It may cause you a delay of an hour, but you will still enter the country (provided negative of course). Now that you know this, you can also take the gamble, especially if you travel with more people, these costs can really add up. A family with two children? Then it will cost you 4×150 euros = 600 euros. Well worth a gamble to try the free version, I think. The choice is of course entirely up to you.

Entry Form Switzerland

In addition to a negative PCR test result, you must register your trip in Switzerland via an online form. After registration you will receive an e-mail with a QR code that you must be able to show at the border. At the check in which I fell, this QR code was also requested and scanned. You must indicate in the entrance form, among other things, when you expect to arrive in Switzerland, with which means of transport you will travel and where you plan to stay.

Below I put the two links, so that you can immediately start registering your trip. It's beeped in 5 minutes!

  • General information about Corona in Switzerland: Click here
  • Direct it Complete Entry Form and register your trip: Click here

Once you've done this, you'll receive an email with a QR code, below is an example of mine.

Entry Form Germany

Depending on where you leave from, you will also continue Germany have to travel. If you are in the west of The Netherlands live, you may be inclined to France to drive. Do not do this, because the controls in France are currently very strict. You can forget about the free PCR test there anyway!

It is best to drive into Germany from the A73 near Venlo or Maastricht. I have seen no checks at both border crossings both there and back. If you drive through Germany, you also limit the number of border crossings and therefore also hassle and hassle.

You do have to decide in advance whether you are going to spend the night in Germany or not. It is a long drive to Switzerland, especially with a camper or caravan. If you plan to spend the night in Germany, you will also have to register your trip online there. You can learn more about the rules in Germany here find. Do you want to arrange your digital registration right away? Then follow this link.

If you plan to drive through Germany alone, you DO NOT need to fill in an entry form.


An exception has been made for 'transit' through Germany. You can drive through Germany without an entry form, but only on the highways and only stop for a short break or to refuel. You should avoid contact with other people as much as possible during your transit through Germany. It is really only meant to get to the destination country.

During your stay in Switzerland

Switzerland is a 'pünktlich' country. This means that people adhere to the rules and expect the same from you. People generally have a high level of trust in the government, the police and the imposed rules, something we Dutch can learn a lot from. As a tourist, please respect those rules. Always and everywhere.

Masks obligation: FFP2 or N95

The most common rules are wearing a face mask. In principle, this is not necessary in the open air, but I regularly saw in the cities in the busier places, such as the boulevard in Locarno, that there was also a mouth cap obligation.

Note: cloth face masks are not allowed. You must have at least an FFP2 or N95 approved mouth cap. These are medical mouth caps or mouth caps against dust that are often used in construction.

Furthermore, you should only wear the mouth cap in shops, public transport, etc. So nothing crazy.

Checks can take place

As a tourist with a Dutch license plate, it is possible that you will be pulled over by the police or Customs during your trip through Switzerland. Even then it will be checked whether you have an entry form, and whether you can show a PCR test result. I haven't had this myself, but did get it from a traveling couple I had a chat with. This was all quite pleasant, and they were able to continue their journey after 5 minutes.

Overall experience

The overall experience I had in Switzerland during corona was good. Very good even! It was very quiet in terms of tourism and the tourists I encountered were mainly other Swiss with a French or Italian here and there. Parking at a hotspot? No problem, there was always room. I also had the choice of places on the campsites.

Many attractions closed

You should keep in mind that many attractions are still closed. In particular the museums, but also some ski lifts in certain areas, simply because there are too few people who want to use them now. It is currently not profitable to keep them open.

Nature is always open

But let's be honest, who needs museums and tourist attractions in a country where nature is so overwhelmingly beautiful? I don't anyway. Nature is always open here. I thoroughly enjoyed the many walks through the woods, along the mighty waterfalls, on mountain peaks in the snow and just simply driving around at my leisure through this beautiful country. Nature treats you to new vistas around every corner. Nature continues, with or without corona!

Weather and climate in Switzerland

In April to Switzerland, what can you expect in terms of weather and climate? Basically everything… I've been to places in the mountains where it was -16 with a lot of snow and cold wind. Very nice, but not for days haha. But a few hours later I often found myself in a valley between 2 mountains where the sun was shining, there was no wind and you could just walk around with a T-shirt. Switzerland literally has 4 seasons in a day and it just really depends on where you are at that moment. It can snow on one side of the mountain, while you're basking in the sun on the other side of the mountain.

It was sunny here in Locarno, while at the same time heavy snow fell behind that ridge
It was sunny here in Locarno, while at the same time heavy snow fell behind that ridge

So a friend from Switzerland pointed me to the best Swiss weather app: MeteoSwiss. This app is a must have in Switzerland because you can just see exactly where the sun is shining at what time. Often all you have to do is go through a tunnel to get to the other side of the mountain, so you're back in the sun! This is what I regularly did: Follow the sun! ?

Roads closed

A few times I was unfortunately faced with a surprise, namely that roads were closed. For example, I wanted the Susten pass drive but after nearly 2 hours of swinging through the mountains I found out that the road was closed due to heavy snowfall. Evening fell, it was snowing a lot so I was forced to spend the night in a parking lot near the road closure.

The place to stay in Switzerland
The place to stay in Switzerland

The next day this turned out to be no punishment, because the view in the morning was really beautiful! At three kilometers altitude it was really ice and freezing cold. The sun did its best to push through the clouds which gave a beautiful purple glow. It was -16 outside and inside the (insulated!) camper it was only +2 degrees without heating. That was a very fresh change of clothes in the morning!

So that's something to keep in mind. Road closures are common in winter on several mountain passes in Switzerland. Even in April or May, roads are regularly closed completely because roads are impassable.

Note: Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a website that can tell you exactly which mountain passes are open or closed at what time. If anyone knows where to find this information, please let me know in the comments! Other travelers will thank you…


The campsites in Switzerland are generally all open. I could go anywhere, with or without a reservation. However, the shops or restaurants were usually still closed, because it was generally very quiet.

Relaxation Switzerland: April 19

This was a wonderful feeling! During my trip in Switzerland, the restaurants and terraces were opened again. It was wonderful to be able to enjoy a beer or wine with a delicious pizza on the terrace! The terraces were already packed at 10 o'clock in the morning, so it seemed the whole of Switzerland went out.

The most beautiful hotspots in Switzerland

Do you want to know where I have been in Switzerland? Then keep an eye on our website and socials! We are very active on Facebook en Instagram† To give you an idea of ​​what you can expect in the following blogs, you will find below a number of photos of the beautiful places that I have visited. Click to enlarge!

For example, I made a helicopter flight over the Alps with a landing on a glacier. I climbed mountains, I traveled to the highest train station in the world and visited the most beautiful waterfalls. I also came to relax at some of the most beautiful lakes the country has to offer, and much more! You can read all about it in the next blog.

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  • I think you should just quarantine in Switzerland, despite negative pcr?

  • Dear Chris, you have to update, when you arrive in Switzerland from the Netherlands you are not allowed to take a holiday, because you have to quarantine for 10 days.. and they really come to check! So if you don't want to be 10.000 CHF lighter, you will have to stay indoors. However, you can have a test done after 7 days and if you are negative you can go back on the road 3 days earlier.

  • great tips for a trip to Switzerland, Chris. Thank you very much, cup of coffee he paid

  • Nice and clear story and beautiful photos!

    What I miss is how it went with the 10-day quarantine in CH. Of course you have your 'house' with you, but what is the rule?

  • https://alpen-paesse.ch/
    This is the site where you can see which cards are open or closed. There is also a number of km before the pass and at the start of the pass a sign with this information.

    Hope it helps you against unexpected surprises in the future!

    Greetings Henriette

  • Nice to read, last year my husband and I were going to go on a honeymoon to Hawaii but yeah… that didn't happen of course. Finally chose Austria because the weather in Switzerland did not suit us at the time (it would freeze at night and it would snow, was the end of September / beginning of October). Now we have little hope for Hawaii this year, so we hope to be able to go to Switzerland. But what I don't understand... you MUST be quarantined for 14 days, right? I'm fine with showing a test result, but I can't quarantine for 2 weeks if we only want to travel for 18 days 😉 How did you fix that then?

  • Hi Chris,
    And what about the 10-day Quarantine rule. Could you/should you just go shopping and take mountain walks? I really thought you should stay in one place for 10 days. Or after the 1th day of testing and you can move freely again.
    Would love to hear it! Thank you for your report!

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