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What is daily life like during the Lockdown in Greece?

Last week we wrote about the fact that we got stuck in Greece† Of course we don't like being stuck in another country while traveling with our camper. But we try to look on the bright side. It gives us the opportunity to take it easy and continue to build our business. What does daily life look like during the lockdown Greece out? In this article we take you through our adventures from last week and tell you more about the regulations during the lockdown in Greece.

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Lockdown in Greece: what does it mean?

Since November 7, 2020, there has been a lockdown in Greece for the second time this corona year. But what does this mean for everyday life during the lockdown? All unnecessary businesses are closed. Going outside should in principle be avoided, but is only possible in a few exceptional cases between 05:00 and 21:00.

Initially, the schools were open during the lockdown. This has changed a week after the announcement of the lockdown. All schools are now closed. Supermarkets, pharmacies and other health centers are open, but restaurants are closed. It is possible to have food delivered. Museums, clubs and other forms of entertainment are closed. This also applies to gyms. It is also mandatory to wear a mouth cap everywhere.

You can still fly to and from Athens and all forms of public transport are still possible.

When can you go outside during the lockdown in Greece?

You can only go outside in a few exceptional cases during the lockdown in Greece. If it is not possible to work from home, you may move from home to work. Furthermore, it is for the following reasons. This is therefore only allowed between 05:00 and 21:00.

  1. Because of health, think of: a visit to the hospital or a pharmacy
  2. To go shopping. All non-food is not available even in the supermarket
  3. To do money business
  4. To help others. This is about family. For example, picking up / bringing an older family member or a child who goes to school
  5. To attend a ceremony, think of a funeral. But it also includes bringing children back and forth between divorced parents
  6. Daily exercise, sports. Or walking a pet

For the locals, they must send a text message (to 13033) with their reason (one of the above numbers) when they go outside. You don't have to send a text message when you leave the house for work. Consent from the employer is then sufficient. A completed form or a handwritten note with all this information on it is also sufficient.

For tourists, we must fill in the relevant form, or write this information on a handwritten note. You should also always carry your passport with you. If you go outside without this form, passport or valid reason, you risk a fine of €300. Fortunately, there are still possibilities to maintain daily life during the lockdown.

What does our daily life look like during the lockdown in Greece?

Our daily life during the lockdown in Greece mainly consists of working, swimming, enjoying the sun, shopping and sports. For example, our accommodation is equipped with a swimming pool and a couple of good mountain bikes so that we don't feel completely locked up during the lockdown. The local supermarket is about a 20 minute walk (downhill) so the way back immediately acts as a nice workout, that makes a difference 😉

Because cycling counts as exercise, we can occasionally take a break with the mountain bikes to explore the area around Gialova. A small village on the Greek sea, with a lot of beautiful nature and a lagoon full of Flamingos. A wonderful place to get some exercise!

Last week our exploration took us through the olive groves and cute villages to two beautiful waterfalls. We hardly encountered any other people along the way. And as long as we don't spend the whole day sitting at the waterfalls or on the beach, it's fine to take a short break from cycling here. It is therefore doable this way: move and also see something of the environment!

We share our accommodation with another Dutch couple of our age and 2 Dutch families with young children. Now that we've been in lockdown together for more than two weeks, it's safe to do fun things together without distance. For example, pizzas are baked together in the outdoor kitchen, we play hide-and-seek with the children or take a dip in the pool together. In short: it is still fine to hold out here! And that's a good thing, because the lockdown has unfortunately been extended by a week (until 7 December).

Curious about our adventures during the lockdown in Greece?

Curious how we get through the days and which cool tips and places we were still able to find? Read all about our roadtrip in Greece in the detailed report on our website.

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