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Itinerary Greece 1 to 3 weeks | Island hopping, tips and highlights

Greece has been on my list for a very long time. But, since I always come back for a trip to Asia chose, it was a long time coming. In 2021 we traveled to Greece and since summer is just around the corner, I want to share our itinerary happy to share with you!

Start travel route Greece

Traveling through Greece has the luxury that there are more than enough airports, which makes it very easy. We always choose to make an itinerary with a single outward journey and a single return journey, so that we do not have to travel back to the point where we started. Makes a huge difference! Our starting point was Mykonos Airport. Mykonos was in any case on our wish-list and thanks to great airline tickets we found via Skyscanner we chose to start here.

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Mykonos – 1 to 3 nights

Mykonos is known for its vibrant nightlife. We traveled to Greece out of season (October) so that sparkling was not that bad. What is immediately noticeable is that there is a cozy and intimate atmosphere, which makes it a nice place to start your travel route through Greece.

The most famous landmark of Mykonos are the windmills on the west coast. These are located near 'Little Venice'. Here you can watch the sunset on one of the terraces by the sea with a view of the windmills.

Note: of course you pay the main price for a drink here 🙂

Greece Itinerary
Sunset at the Windmills and Little Venice

You can stroll through the cozy streets of the city. In the narrow streets you will find the well-known powder white houses, blue doors and pink bougainvilleas. You get the perfect picture here. Unlike the other islands, we found the city of Mykonos the most beautiful.

Little resident of Mykonos

Traveling from Mykonos to Santorini

You can buy tickets for the ferry from Mykonos to Santorini from various ferry providers. The cheapest ferry takes 7 hours and the more expensive ferry takes you to Santorini in about 5 hours.

Santorini – 2 to 4 nights

Santorini is the most popular island in Greece and of course it could not be missed in our Greece travel itinerary. We slept in the capital Fira, just outside the city center. Here you will find most accommodations. Santorini is known for the white and blue villages built on top of the cliffs overlooking the sea.

Windmills of Santorini

You can enjoy every place on this island. The most famous place is Oia, where all the “Instagram snaps” are taken. Make sure you start your day here so you can get out before the crowds. Oh, and make sure you've already had breakfast, because a simple breakfast with coffee and toast here costs about 25 euros on average. We paid 5 euros for a cup of coffee alone.

Other fun activities in Santorini are: visiting the village of Megalochori, walking on Red Beach, with the ATV towards the white beach and watching the sunset at Skaros Rock.

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White Beach
Greece Itinerary
Skaros Rock
Greece Itinerary
Red Beach

Traveling from Santorini to Milos

Also in Santorini there are providers of ferry tickets in the city center. The prices are almost the same everywhere. In about 2 hours you travel by fast ferry from Santorini to Milos. Check at least 1 evening in advance what time the ferry leaves the next day and take into account a ride of about half an hour from Fira to the port.

Milos – 3 to 5 nights

Milos is our favorite island! The only downside was that we were there quite out of season (mid-October) and we were even the last guests to receive our hotel. There were still a few rental shops open and few restaurants.

Greece Itinerary
Sunset at Plaka Castle

Nevertheless, it was still our favorite destination on this Greece itinerary. Especially because it has a very beautiful and diverse landscape. Compared to previous destinations Mykonos and Santorini, Milos feels authentic and you can really 'discover' things with the scooter or quad.

Greece Itinerary
Mandrakia Point

A few must-sees are: Plaka Castle (especially during the sunset), in this neighborhood you can also have a nice dinner in the evening. Mandrakia Point, Papafragas Beach and Sarakiniko Beach. Since all sights on the island of Milos are not close to each other, it is highly recommended to rent your own transport.

Greece Itinerary
Papafragas Beach
Greece Itinerary
Sarakiniko Beach

Traveling from Milos to Athens

In Milos you can buy a ticket for the ferry to Athens at the booking offices that are located at the harbor. In contrast to the other ferries, this one is huge (& chill) and within 6 hours you are at the port of Athens. From here it is a 10-minute walk to the nearest metro station.

Athens | 2 to 4 nights

You won't get bored easily in the center of Athens. There are so many shops, restaurants and places of interest. You can easily stay here for 2 to 4 nights. A must-do Greece travel itinerary is, of course, visiting the Acropolis of Athens.

Greece Itinerary
The view from the Acropolis
Greece Itinerary
A must-do in Athens: visiting the Acropolis

The Acropolis has several entrances and is easily accessible by public transport. Do you sleep in the center? Then you can even walk to the Acropolis. A ticket costs € 20 pp. Make sure you arrive early so you don't have to queue.

Transport on the islands

Normally we rented (in Asia) always a scooter to explore places. You then experience the ultimate feeling of freedom. During the Greece travel route, scooters are also offered everywhere, but also many ATVs / quads. We opted for the ATV and have not switched to a scooter after that.

Greece Itinerary

It is much safer to explore the islands with an ATV and I would therefore recommend it to everyone. An additional advantage is that it is much cooler + you have more storage space so that you do not have to carry everything with you every time.

Greece Itinerary
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