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Discover beautiful Denmark

The world is beautiful, but you don't have to go that far from home for beautiful nature, silence and bustling cities. Denmark, for example, offers a surprising range for families, backpackers and other world travelers. From Jutland to Northern Denmark, every part of this country is different and yet very familiar in a way. Visit an island, go to Copenhagen or relax in nature. Of www.vakantiehuisjes.nl you will find the most beautiful, most cozy holiday homes for small and large travel groups. That is pure enjoyment.

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Denmark; collection of islands

Denmark belongs to Scandinavia and is the southernmost country of this group. Denmark is a peninsula with more than 400 islands of different sizes. Jutland forms the largest part of the country and borders Germany in the south. This makes Denmark easily accessible by car. If you prefer to fly, you always fly to Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. Most of the islands can certainly be visited, either by bridge or tunnel, but mostly by boat. There are various holiday homes spread across the country where you can really become one with nature.

Wonderful Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and it is not located on Jutland, but on Zealand, one of the larger islands of the country. Copenhagen is a colorful city, full of art, culture, royal buildings and lots of water. You will find the Amalienborg, Rosenborg and the opera house there, among others. Colorful Nyhavn is the best place for a drink and a city cruise. And don't forget to say hello to the Little Mermaid, who gazes so longingly over the water. In the city you can find one of the longest shopping streets in Europe with numerous shops. The Strøget is also very nice to discover.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark

Trips to other places

Would you like to take a trip to Sweden during your stay in Denmark? This is very easy via the Øresund bridge and tunnel. This bridge (and tunnel) takes you from Copenhagen to Malmö and back again. Other islands are also connected to Seeland by bridge or tunnel, so you can easily go island hopping for a day. For example to Funen, with its beautiful Odense where writer Hans Christian Andersen was born, from which you can also travel to Jutland. Other islands are easily reached by ferries. You can of course discover the timetable for this - as well as for the train - and the various sights on the islands by first obtaining information from a traffic office.

Nature of Denmark

The country is characterized by water. The country is surrounded by the Wadden Sea, North Sea, Skagerrak, Kattegat and the Baltic Sea. When you stand in the middle of Jutland, you are only 52 kilometers from the water. Because of all that water, Denmark also has beautiful beaches. With a coastline of no less than 7314 kilometers, there is much to see and experience. Did you know that Denmark also has its own Wadden Islands? They are called Rømø, Mandø and Fanø and are easily accessible. You reach the first via a dam, the second when the tide is out and the third with a ferry. Each island has something new to offer in terms of nature. You may even spot seals.

Beach in Denmark
Beach in Denmark

Real Danish houses

What you will experience in Denmark is, of course, entirely up to you. Because everything is within a few hours' travel of each other, it is useful to book a beautiful holiday home in nature. From there you can easily travel to the bustling cities, picturesque seaside resorts and beautiful sights. The holiday homes are spread across the country, so both on the coast and in medieval villages. Bring your bikes or rent them and discover more than 12.000 kilometers of cycling routes. Discover the fjords, take a long walk or swim in the sea; at the end of the day you can enjoy a luxurious holiday home that is fully equipped. Often complete with bubble bath, sauna or jacuzzi for total relaxation.

Discover more

By spending a holiday in a holiday home, you don't have to take all your things with you every day. After all, they are safe in your own home. This offers space to discover more of Denmark and the surrounding area. In addition, a holiday home ensures that you enjoy a pleasant and relaxed holiday in every season. Because in autumn and winter, Denmark is a wonderful place to be. And all that from a luxurious holiday home in nature or a cozy place.

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