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Israel | Discover the unknown north

The north of Israel is often a bit overshadowed by the more popular places in Israel, but that does not make it any less beautiful. History, culture, mountains, beautiful sights, adventure and above all less touristy… The north of Israel is definitely worth exploring! Below the most beautiful places.

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Nazareth, located in the Galilee region (Location here ), has several important places in Christianity. As Israel's largest Arab city, it also has a number of fascinating cultural attractions and experiences to enjoy.

A visit by the pope in 2009 put Nazareth back on Israel's tourist map. Given the childhood home of Jesus is here, it is the largest Arab city in Israel and the beautiful location in the middle Lower Galilee (about 8 km west of it more of Galilee), it deserves this status.

Nazareth | Discover the unknown north
Nazareth | Discover the unknown north

The Northern Coastline

The Northern Coastline, ie Western Galilee, is very different from the densely populated coastline that is further south, at Tel Aviv, can be found. Much more rugged and less built up, the northern coastline is full of beautiful bays and coves. Here are also cities such as Akko, a Crusader port listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Another special place Rosh Hanikra (Location here ), where beautiful caves in the cliffs have been created by the forces of the sea. To get the most out of a trip along the north coast, tourists can also take a tour with a guide who will show you the history of this beautiful stretch of land and sea.

Rosh Hanikra | Discover the unknown north
Rosh Hanikra | Discover the unknown north


Haifa (Location here ) is the “capital of northern Israel”. It is the third largest city in Israel and is also called the San Francisco of Israel because of its beautiful location on the slopes of the mountain the Carmel.

There is plenty to do in Haifa, such as visiting the amazing Baha'i Gardens on the slopes of Mount Carmel or a walk through the restored German colony of Haifa. The city also has many museums and other attractions.

Bahai gardens in Haifa | Discover the unknown north
Bahai gardens in Haifa | Discover the unknown north

Sea of ​​Galilee

The more of Galilee (Location here ) and the area around it has been inhabited for thousands of years and it shows! Besides being an important place in Christianity, there is much more to do on the Sea of ​​Galilee. To begin with, tourists can enjoy a boat trip on the lake or practice water sports. Tourists can also cycle around the Sea of ​​Galilee or take a walk in the hills that offer a beautiful panoramic view.

The Sea of ​​Galilee | Discover the unknown north
The Sea of ​​Galilee | Discover the unknown north

The Israeli mountains

by berg Blackboard is next to it Sea of ​​Galilee and offers a beautiful view over the country. There are plenty of hiking opportunities and it is the only place in Israel to go BASE jumping. The mountain Gilboa, just south of Arbel, is famous for its beautiful wildflowers in spring.

De Gilboa Scenic Road offers walks, viewpoints, picnic areas, cycle paths and beautiful views. In the Golan Heights, on the other side of the Sea of ​​Galilee old a spectacular nature reserve.

Besides the view and history, Gamla is home to eagles, who nest here under the watchful eye of experts. And finally there is the mountain hermon, the highest mountain in Israel, also a ski resort in the winter and a hiking and cycling resort in the summer.

Golan Heights | Discover the unknown north
Golan Heights | Discover the unknown north

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