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These are the best amusement parks in Europe | Amusement Park Check 2022

TRAVEL NEWS (press release) – July 5, 2022: Europe has more than 1000 large and small amusement parks. The history of amusement parks in Europe goes back to the 16th century, when it Dyrehav boxes was the first to open its doors in Copenhagen.

But which amusement park is the best in Europe this year? Which park has the best value for money and where can the whole family enjoy a wonderful day out? The travel experts at Travelcircus have this year's 65 most popular theme parks
Take a closer look at Europe, compare prices and attractions and from that an ultimate
amusement park ranking for 2022 drawn up.

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The most important information summarized

  • A day at the amusement park cost a family of 4 between €56 and €543.
  • In the past 3 years, entrance fees have risen almost 15%.
  • The average number of attractions per theme park is 28,9.
  • Most attractions can be found in a Polish amusement park.
  • The Efteling (offers here ), is the most popular park in the Netherlands.
  • On Instagram, a world famous castle is still unbeatable.

The 25 Best European Amusement Parks 2022

Winners announced: These are the 25 best amusement parks in Europe. Travelcircus has examined 65 European amusement parks and has drawn up the ultimate theme park ranking for 2022. In addition to entrance prices, opening hours, reviews, search volume and Instagram posts, the individual attractions were also viewed and categorized. For the final assessment we used the following factors:

Value for money: This factor relates to the number of rides and the entrance fees. It was calculated how much a family of four would pay relative per attraction. The average price per roller coaster was also calculated. The less one pays on average per attraction and roller coaster, the higher the score.

Rating Factor: How was the theme park rated on Google? The score corresponds 1:1 with the rating on Google.

Brand awareness: How well known is the theme park? The higher the average and maximum search volume on Google (Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Greece, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, from January 2021 to March 2022), the best more points.

Fun for all ages: “You're too small for that” – that sentence no child wants to hear! This factor shows which parks offer the highest average fun for all age groups. Travelcircus has looked at all the attractions in the parks and determined a fun factor for 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 year olds, based on the (percent) number of attractions that can be ridden at this age. The higher the average fun factor for all age groups, the better.

Instagram factor: How many Instagram posts are there with the park's respective hashtag? So that smaller parks also have a chance, the average number of posts per follower was also looked at. The more the better.

The 25 best European amusement parks at a glance

5 points can be obtained per factor. A theme park can therefore earn a maximum of 25 points if it gets the full score in all categories.

The Travelcircus Top Amusement Park Awards 2022

Every amusement park is unique. Some score points with a myriad of thrilling roller coasters,
others stand out because of their special child-friendliness. That is why Travelcircus has, in addition to
the ranking of the top 25, seven more awards were created, with which the 65 theme parks examined distinguish themselves on their own special characteristics.

The best value for money 2022

Which amusement park gives you the most bang for your buck? Travelcircus got to the bottom of this question and compared the costs for a family of 4 with the rides on offer. The result: The top 10 amusement parks 2022 with the best price-quality ratio!

The best ratings 2022

Which theme park scores best with guests? To answer this question, Travelcircus compared all Google ratings of the 65 theme parks. The theme park with the best ratings will receive the Top Rating Award!

The best family parks 2022

Which amusement park in Europe actually offers the most family attractions? Travelcircus has categorized all attractions in the 65 theme parks surveyed to find out where the most child-friendly attractions are located. In the award-winning parks, there are only rides in which all family members are allowed to ride.

The best amusement parks for kids 2022

“Unfortunately, you are too young for that” – no child wants to hear that sentence! That is why Travelcircus has examined all attractions of the examined amusement parks for the minimum age. The result: the best kids theme parks where all the attractions are also suitable for 4-year-olds.

Most Wanted 2022

Choose or share? With more than 1000 amusement parks in Europe, it is far from easy to find the right amusement park. But which amusement parks actually have it
highest average search volume on Google? For this, Travelcircus looked at the number of searches from January 2021 to March 2022 in several countries.

The Top Roller Coaster Award 2022

Higher, further, faster! What would an amusement park be without roller coasters? Whether a record-breaking mega roller coaster, a thrilling water roller coaster or a family-friendly track – Europe's amusement parks offer a huge repertoire of different roller coasters. But which amusement park actually has the most?

Top Instagram Awards 2022

“But first, let me take a selfie” – which park is the most popular with Instagrammers? To find out, Travelcircus looked at how many posts the parks had on Instagram with their own hashtag.

Amusement parks and costs

For their amusement park visit, a family sometimes had to dig deep into their pockets. Disneyland Paris
is by far the most expensive amusement park in Europe. Here a family of four pays for one
spontaneous day at the amusement park including parking up to €543, without food, drinks and
souvenirs. In general, theme parks in the UK were the most expensive, for
Legoland Windsor and Alton Towers, for example, cost more than $300.

Disneyland almost five times more expensive than Energylandia

In Energylandia, families clearly had to pay less, here a day of family fun only cost €120. With more than 60 attractions, the Polish amusement park offers the best
value for money.

14,5% more expensive – prices have risen over the past three years

Amusement parks became more expensive every year. Travelcircus has the entrance prices of the past
compared three years of the 22 most popular European theme parks. The outcome: the
average price increased by 14,37%! At the top are Movie Park Germany and Energylandia with a price increase of more than 30%.

Up to €30 for parking

As if the tickets themselves weren't expensive enough, many amusement parks also have to pay extra for parking. In Disneyland Paris, a passenger car costs €30 per day. For visitors to the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen it is even more expensive. There you have to use public parking facilities up to €54 per day. Fortunately, the amusement park is also easily accessible by public transport. On the other hand, parking is free at 23 of the 65 amusement parks.

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A family outing for less than €100? It is (still) possible in these amusement parks!

In Europe, in addition to the 65 amusement parks evaluated here, there are another six parks, where a family
of four can go a day for less than €100. Especially for families with small children
these theme parks are ideal as a first experience.

“It is often cheaper to buy tickets
pre-purchase online instead of at the cash register. In addition to saving money, you also save
time, because you don't have to wait in line”

– Sandra Rönsch, theme park expert at Travelcircus

Energylandia has the most attractions

As different as the parks are, so different is the range of attractions they
offer. Although the 65 amusement parks have an average of 28,9 attractions, Energylandia
head and shoulders above it. This Polish amusement park has 17 roller coasters, 20
water slides and nearly 50 family attractions.

17 roller coasters in one park

True adrenaline junkies can indulge themselves in Energylandia. Not in any European
amusement park you will find so many roller coasters. From slingshots to loops, here you go
blood certainly flows faster! Other European amusement park for roller coaster fans are Europa-Park
(13), Blackpool Pleasure Beach (13), PortAventura World (10) and Alton Towers (10).

Europa-Park is the star on Instagram

No attraction is as famous as the fairytale castle of Sleeping Beauty in
Disneyland Paris. So it's no wonder that most Instagram posts in this ranking are
Hearing Disneyland Paris: The hashtag #disneylandparis was used 5,9 million times –
2,6 million times more than three years ago!

In second place comes the largest amusement park in Germany: Europa-Park, with more than
650.000 posts. In 3rd place our own Efteling (click here for offers!) with over 600.000 posts. especially it
fairytale forest was a big hit on Instagram.

But who has the most posts per follower?

When looking at the number of Instagram posts per follower on Facebook and Instagram,
the top 10 looks very different. Here are Tivoli Copenhagen, Liseberg and Linnanmäki
leads with 0,83-0,90 posts per follower.

The Holiday Park, Kolmården, Fort Fun Abenteuerland, Jardin d'Acclimatation and Gröna
Lund now also make the top 10 and therefore also belong to the top amusement parks

The full evaluation

The big amusement park check Europe 2022

This year too, Travelcircus contacted 238 amusement parks without any obligation to discuss the
collect necessary data for the evaluation. In addition to the amusement parks that bring us within the
have replied within the stipulated period, we gathered the information from the most sought-after amusement parks – if possible – ourselves. In total we were able to include 65 amusement parks in the evaluation. Travelcircus has researched and compared 2598 attractions and 1950 other data to find out which European theme park is the best this year.

The following data formed the basis for the evaluation

  • Rating on Google
  • Average and maximum search volume on Google between January 2021 and March 2022
  • for all countries represented in the evaluation (Belgium, Denmark,
  • Germany, Finland, France, Greece, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands,
  • Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland).
  • Entrance fees
  • Number of attractions (by minimum age)
  • Instagram posts and followers on Instagram and Facebook (as of May 13, 2022)

The result: the top amusement parks in Europe

On the basis of the examined data, numerous factors were calculated and the best
amusement parks in different categories chosen. The individual awards:

  • Top 25: The best amusement parks in Europe
  • Top Value for money
  • Top Reviews
  • Top Family Park
  • Top Amusement Park for kids (4 year olds)
  • Most wanted
  • Top Roller Coasters
  • Great Instagram

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