Itinerary Thailand 2 to 4 weeks | Hints and Highlights

When someone asks where to go backpacking for the very first time, Thailand definitely on my list of recommendations! Why? It is a 'backpack mecca'. The country is so diverse and traveling is very easy. I myself have been 2x 4 weeks in Thailand and I was able to see a lot of this beautiful country. In this blog I tell you everything about the ideal travel route through Thailand† The itinerary is focused on backpackers and is ideal for a travel duration of 3 to 4 weeks† Do you want to get into the Thai mood? Then start with the beautiful video of Thailand at the top of the page!

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Thailand Day by Day Itinerary


Day 1 to 3 † Bangkok is most likely the starting point of your trip as the flights there are the cheapest. Take a hostel near Khao San Road and you are guaranteed to have a great time together with many other backpackers. Bangkok really stole my heart, what a great city!

What to do in Bangkok? † 10 Tips

  1. Book a bike ride with Co van Kessel
  2. Feast your eyes on Khao San Road
  3. Experience culture at Wat Pho, Grand Palace, Wat Saket & Wat Arun
  4. Get lost in Chinatown and get the cheapest souvenirs
  5. Take a boat trip on the Chao Phraya River
  6. Escape the crowds and visit Lumpini Park
  7. In the evening, visit the Baiyoke Sky tower or The Roof@38th
  8. Go shopping among the locals in Shopping mall MKB Center
  9. Visit the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market
  10. Stay at The Printing House Poshtel (a super nice and chic hostel).

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Bangkok | Thailand itinerary
Bangkok | Thailand itinerary
Bangkok | Thailand itinerary
Bangkok | Thailand itinerary


Day 4 to 5 † From Bangkok you can take a bus, train or taxi to Ayutthaya, the old capital of Thailand. Cheap tickets for transport between these cities are here to find.

Only go to Ayutthaya if you really like ancient temples. There is not much else to do here, I have been there twice myself and I would definitely recommend it because the temples are beautiful. But besides that, 2 full day in Ayutthaya is more than enough.

What to do in Ayutthaya † 3 Tips

  1. Rent a bike (€0,50 for the whole day) and cycle around.
  2. Grab a tuk-tuk and visit all the beautiful temples in Ayutthaya.
  3. Stay at the extremely well-reviewed Siriwal Guesthouse for 12 euros per night.

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Cycling in Ayutthaya
Cycling in Ayutthaya

Chiang Mai

Day 6 to 10 † From Ayutthaya you can take the night train or bus to Chiang Mai to grab. A very chill way of travelling, cheap & a real experience! You pay about €20 for a 10-hour journey. Chiang Mai is AMAZING. You will definitely last a week here! There is really a lot to experience here.

What to do in Chiang Mai † 10 Tips

  1. Go ziplining at 'Eagle Track'
  2. Do a temple tour through the city
  3. Visit the largest Night Market in Chiang Mai (every night from 18.00pm to midnight)
  4. Go to a Ladyboy show 
  5. Take a Thai cooking class 
  6. Visit the most famous temple in the north: Doi suthep
  7. Learn to meditate 
  8. Book a Jungle trek
  9. Go to the Sunday Walking Street
  10. Stay in the 9.5 (!) rated Bee Friend Hostel.
Chiang Mai | Thailand itinerary
Chiang Mai | Thailand itinerary


Day 11 to 13 † From Chiang Mai you can easily get a book minivan that will bring you to Pai along with others. Pai is a lovely place in the mountains where you can certainly relax. It is very popular among backpackers and there is plenty to do. Pai is best explored by scooter, if you are not comfortable riding a scooter then I would advise to skip Pai. You don't have to be afraid of the busy traffic, that is not the case in Pai!

What to do in Pai † 8 Tips

  1. Watch the sunset at the Pai Canyon
  2. Visit Yan Lai view point
  3. Go to the Lod Cave
  4. Book a trekking of 1 day or a few days
  5. Taste the tastiest street food at the Pai Walking Street
  6. Make a stop at Memorial Bridge
  7. Ride the Mae Hong Son Loop 
  8. Stay for 18 euros per night in cute private huts at The NestHouse.
Pai | Thailand itinerary
Pai | Thailand itinerary


Day 14 to 16 † On day 14 you will travel back from Pai by minivan (book here) to Chiang Mai and book a flight to Krabi Province. The best area to stay overnight is Ao Nang. On day 15 you can explore Ao Nang and its surroundings. Ao Nang is surrounded by many islands! From Ao Nang you can also take a boat to Koh Phi Phi which takes about 2 hours. After a day in Krabi you continue your journey.

Tip:: Let yourself be pampered for 60 euros per night in the beautiful 4 star resort Railay Princess Resort & Spa.


Khao Sok National Park

Day 17 to 19 † Arriving in Khao Sok you really come into a completely different environment. Tranquility and breathtakingly beautiful surroundings are the keywords! Do you like nature, hiking and adventure? Then go into the jungle.

What to do in Khao Sok National Park? † 4 Tips

  1. Book a 2-day Jungle tour at the hostel where you are staying, including trekking through the jungle, trekking through a cave and an overnight stay in floating houses. An experience to remember and perhaps the highlight of your Thailand itinerary!
  2. Go completely offline, turn that phone OFF.
  3. Really get to know the locals.
  4. Stay for 30 euros per night in the beautiful Khao Sok Riverfront Resort.

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Khao Sok National Park | Thailand itinerary
Khao Sok National Park | Thailand itinerary
Khao Sok National Park | Thailand itinerary
Khao Sok National Park | Thailand itinerary

Koh Phangan

Day 20 to 23 † From Khao Sok you travel by minivan (book here) on to Surat Thani where you can easily take the boat to Koh Phangan. Koh Phangan is at number 2 of my top 3 most beautiful islands in Thailand. I went here myself right after the full moon party, which resulted in a super relaxed island where I could explore many places without tourists around me!

Things to do in Ko Pha Ngan 6 Tips

  1. Rent a scooter and explore the many beaches Koh Phangan has to offer
  2. Take a boat trip to it Ang Thong Marine Park
  3. Visit the temples of Koh Phangan
  4. Visit the Thong Sala Night Market for the best street food 
  5. Go diving or snorkelling
  6. Stay for 50 euros per night at Kalulushi Bungalows in a private bungalow right on the beach.
Koh Phangan | Thailand itinerary
Koh Phangan | Thailand itinerary
viewpoints Koh Phangan | itinerary thailand | Wereldreizigers.nl
Koh Phangan | Thailand itinerary

Koh Tao

Day 24 to 27 † From Koh Phangan you travel with the boat to Koh Tao† In my opinion the nicest and most beautiful island in Thailand! Enjoy island life and above all, enjoy your last stop of your Thailand itinerary.

Things to Do in Koh Tao + 7 Tips

  1. Explore the beaches by kayak or scooter
  2. Book a boat trip to Koh Nangyuan and go to it viewpoint
  3. Climb to one of the viewpoints of Koh Tao
  4. Go diving or snorkelling
  5. go rock climbing
  6. Take a picture by the hanging palm tree Sairi Beach
  7. Stay for 30 euros per night at the fantastic rated The Miracle Guesthouse & Diving.
Koh Tao | Thailand itinerary
Koh Tao | Thailand itinerary

End of the Thailand itinerary

From Koh Tao you will make your way back to Bangkok where you will travel home (or perhaps to your next destination).

Combine travel route Thailand?

Itinerary Malaysia

When you travel further south of Thailand you can easily combine Thailand with Malaysia† I recommend you to visit the Thai island Koh Lanta and take the boat from here to Langkawi in Malaysia. This transition is very easy and hassle-free.

Itinerary Laos

Do you want to combine Thailand with a itinerary through Laos† Then I advise you to first explore the south of Thailand from Bangkok, where you continue your journey to the north. After Pai you can travel on to Chiang Rai, also a very nice destination in Thailand. In Chiang Rai you have plenty of choice in providers who offer the trip from Chiang Rai to Huay Xai take off. You can also choose to go directly to Luang Prabang  to travel.

Itinerary Myanmar

Do you want to cross the border from Thailand to Myanmar? je travel route through Myanmar then probably start in Mandalay, Yangon or Hpa-An. Crossing the border is quite easy here.

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