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Things to Do in Milos, Greece | 7x tips to discover the island

One of our favorite destinations in Greece is the island of Milos. A super nice destination whenever you want island hopping† Milos is easily accessible from the popular island Santorini† With the fast ferry you are here in about 2 hours. Milos is a volcanic island with endless beaches and beautiful rock formations. The landscapes and the relaxed atmosphere ensure that Milos is definitely one of the must-see destinations in Greece† Curious about what to do in Milos? We are happy to share our tips!

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Things to Do in Milos Greece
The view from the port of Milos, a warm welcome.

Things to Do in Milos

1. Discover the capital Plaka

In the capital of Milos, Plate, you will find traditional white houses, cozy, narrow streets, beautiful flowers and the white churches with blue domes. While strolling through this 'capitalyou can enjoy the sea view. It doesn't feel like a capital at all. Something that certainly has its charm. Of course there are also plenty of nice restaurants here!

Things to Do in Milos Plaka Greece
Must eat: Greek salad. Our all time favourite!

2. Sunset at Plaka Castle

From the capital of Milos, Plaka, you make a small climb to Plaka Castle† This was once a Venetian castle, today only the old walls are visible. With a view of the sea you will now find a white church on top of the hill. A beautiful picture if you ask us. Find a nice spot before sunset and especially hang out after the sun has set, so that you can still enjoy the beautiful colors while the rest has already left.

Things to Do in Milos Greece Plaka Castle
Beautiful view from Plaka Castle
Things to Do in Milos Greece Plaka Castle
The white church at Plaka Castle

3. Visit the fishing village of Mandrakia

When you drive from Plaka to the coast, you come to the fishing village Mandrakia† It immediately catches the eye thanks to the colorful doors. The harbor is still in use, so you can spot the traditional boats here. Are you a seafood lover? Then make a lunch stop at Medusa restaurant† Located in Mandrakia, this is the perfect place to enjoy the surroundings and great food.

Things to Do in Milos Mandrakia
The fine fishing village of Mandrakia

4. Cool off at Sarakiniko beach

After a short drive from Mandrakia you arrive at the most popular beach of Milos: Sarakiniko beach† It's popular for a reason. It is beautiful there. There is only a small piece of 'real' beach and for the rest you walk over a moon-like landscape. you can chill here, photographing or jumping off rocks. A nice place to enjoy a few hours!

Things to Do in Milos Sarakiniko beach
For the dare devils among us: from this point you can jump into the water

5. Papafragas beach and caves

Papafragas is definitely worth a stop. It is a small beach surrounded by high cliffs and beautiful, clear water. You can easily explore the small caves in the cliffs. That certainly gives some cooling on a hot day!

At the end of the cliff you can see the caves
Things to Do in Milos Papafragas
Papafragas Beach

6. Boat trip to Kleftiko beach

Another popular must see in Milos is Kleftiko Beach† What we found a big disadvantage is that you cannot visit this on your own. Kleftiko beach is located in the part of Milos where you are not allowed to come by scooter / quad or car. You can only come here by means of a boat trip. It seems to be worth it! There are providers in the vicinity of the harbor where you can book this boat trip.

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Things to Do in Milos Kleftiko beach
View of Milos from the boat

7. Visit the ancient theater of Milos

An impressive piece of history on this small island. Milos has catacombs and an old theater that dates from the 3rd century BC. The old theater is freely (and free) accessible and for the catacombs you pay 4 euros entrance. Please note that the catacombs are closed on Tuesdays.

Transportation in Milos

Milos is a small island that you can easily explore on your own. You drive from one side to the other in about 40 minutes. However, the sights are not close to each other. That is why we really recommend that you rent a quad. A quad is one of the most popular means of transport on the Greek Isles† When you arrive at the port of Milos, you will find plenty of providers where you can rent a scooter or quad. A renting a car is also possible.

They also inform you where you are not allowed to drive. Part of the island is in fact not accessible with a scooter and there seems to be no range. The other parts of the island are easy to do. We recommend that you rent a quad bike so that you can also travel safely on all the country roads. So nice!

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Things to Do in Milos
What to do in Milos See the sunset of course!
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