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Weekend getaway Wadden Islands | Out and about in your own country!

Are you tired of sitting at home and do you want to take a break? I totally get it. My tip; go away for a weekend to the Wadden Islands. Here you can completely relax and enjoy beautiful nature. Get on the boat, let go of your busy schedule and enjoy a well-deserved mini vacation. Delicious isn't it? As far as I'm concerned, the Wadden Islands are one of the best places for a weekend away in our own country. 

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Tips for a weekend on the Wadden Islands

There are many fun things to do during a weekend trip to the Wadden Islands. Do you like peace and nature? Then you are completely at the right place here. Beaches and dunes alternate with meadows, forests and picturesque villages. In addition, the Wadden Islands are ideal for cycling and walking. Stroll over the dunes, take a lovely walk on the beach or get on your bike and then have a nice cold drink in one of the attractive villages.

If you are still in doubt which Wadden Island is most suitable for a weekend trip, you will find a short report below on what you can do on each island. Each island has its own character, but there are fun things to do on each island.

Weekend on the Wadden Islands; Texel

Texel is the largest Dutch Wadden Island and there is by far the most to experience here. After a lovely walk through the nature reserve De Slufter you can, for example, visit Ecomare. Here, weakened seals are taken care of, cared for and returned to the sea. Personally I thought it was nice to see that the people here have such a heart for the animals. And if you're lucky, you can even be there when the seals are released again.

Seal in Ecomare Texel

Would you like to book a weekend on Texel in the summer? Then there are also plenty of fun opportunities to practice water sports. You can learn to surf, sail and… soups† And by the way; did you know that Texel has its own brewery? For real gourmets, it is therefore a great idea to try the Texel beer 'Skuumkoppe'. Not a fan of beer? Then you can also choose to taste various cheeses at the cheese farm. 

lighthouse texel
Lighthouse Texel

For the adrenaline seekers among us, it is also a great idea to book a sightseeing flight over Texel. You then board a mini plane and fly over Texel at about 1000 to 2000 feet. This is fairly low, so you have an excellent view of the island. And that of course produces beautiful pictures. Isn't this enough adrenaline for you? Then you can also choose to make a tandem jump. You jump out of the plane together with an instructor. I did this myself, but it seems super cool! 

Tip:: When it comes to finding accommodation, there are many great options on Texel. Would you like to visit Texel with 4 to 6 people? To make it easy for you, I have made a clear overview of holiday homes on Texel for 6 people

Weekend in Vlieland

Vlieland is a lot smaller than Texel. Tourist cars are not welcome here, which makes it a lot quieter. Vlieland is also known as the ideal cycling island. There are many great cycling routes and there is plenty to see along the way. For example, cycle past the cute village of Oost-Vlieland. Here you can enjoy a nice snack and a drink. 

Vliehorst express Vlieland
Beachcombers house Vlieland

Are you looking for something more challenging and active? Then go blokart. These are a type of go-karts that are powered by the wind and with which you can enjoy a breath of fresh air on the beach. In addition, you can also book kitesurfing, supping or GPS tours on Vlieland. Would you rather discover the island in a different way? Then you can also go horseback riding or book a ride with the Vliehorst expressly (the yellow car in the photo above). And if you want to completely unwind, you can also take a yoga session by the sea. Namaste!

Weekend on the Wadden Islands; Terschelling

Have you ever wanted to spot seals? That is possible during a weekend trip to the Wadden Islands. From Terschelling you can book a seal tour several times a day during the high season. You then sail by boat to the sandbanks between Terschelling and Vlieland. The chance that you will actually encounter seals is almost 100%. These cute animals live here in large colonies, both in summer and winter.

Lighthouse Terschelling

Personally, I thought it was a beautiful sight to see the seals lounging on the beach. Some are super curious and even swim towards the boat. Others don't care about you and enjoy their well-deserved rest after hunting for food all day.

horse riding-terschelling
Horseback riding Terschelling

In addition to spotting seals, there are many other fun activities on Terschelling. For example, you can go for a walk in the Boschplaat nature reserve. Here you can spot many different types of birds. Do you prefer to ride a bicycle? Then rent a fat bike and go for a bike ride on the beach. You can also visit the villages of West-Terschelling and Midsland. Here you will find nice shops, restaurants and terraces. Ideal for an afternoon strolling around. And don't forget to take a great holiday photo at the lookout point on the Terschelling lighthouse. 

Weekend Ameland

Besides Terschelling, Ameland is also a great island for spotting seals. Simply because the sandbanks are located between Ameland and Terschelling. Also from Ameland you have several options to book seal tours. In addition, Ameland has 4 charming villages that invite you to be discovered. Nes, Buren, Hollum and Ballum are certainly worth a visit.

Mudflat hiking Ameland

Are you a real nature lover and would you like to know more about nature on Ameland? Then it is a great idea to book a ride with the beach express. You must be wondering; the beach express, what is that? It's a big tractor that they've attached a cart to. Just the idea of ​​being driven around in this is an experience in itself. The beach express takes you to the most beautiful places on the island and more information is given about nature along the way. 

Lighthouse Ameland
Lighthouse Ameland

Speaking of nature; On Ameland you can also enjoy a nice walk. Take a walk along the nature reserve Het Oerd and be surprised by the diverse flora and fauna. With a bit of luck you can even encounter deer here and you will spot a great diversity of bird species. 

Are you looking for a little more adventure? Then you can also parachute on Ameland. I have not done this myself, but I can imagine that it is a unique experience. Would you rather take it a little easier? Then I have a nice tip for you. Go to Beachclub de Sunset around the end of the afternoon, relax on the terrace and order a cold drink. When the weather is clear, this is the ideal place to watch the sunset. 

Tip: Are you looking for a nice accommodation on Ameland? Here you will find a clear overview of luxury holiday homes on Ameland.

Weekend on the Wadden Islands; Schiermonnikoog

Schiermonnikoog is by far the quietest Wadden Island. There is one small village and furthermore it is mainly to enjoy the peace and nature. It's as if time has stood still here and the inhabitants are really super friendly. By the way, did you know that Schiermonnikoog has the widest sandy beaches in Europe and that the entire island has been declared a national park? Of course I wanted to discover this with my own eyes and I have to tell you; Schiermonnikoog has exceeded my expectations. 

Beach Schiermonnikoog

In addition to cycling and walking, you can also book a ride with the Eilander Balgexpres. This will take you to the easternmost part of the island, where the beaches are widest and where you normally can't get to just like that. So really unique! If you are lucky you can even spot seals here. And do you like looking for shells? Then you can come across the craziest things here. There is even a shell museum on Schiermonnikoog, where they exhibit shells found on the island. 

For the more active outings you mainly come from various water sports. Due to its favorable location, the island is ideal for learning to surf or power kiting, but you can also go rafting and canoeing. Do you want an old-fashioned game of kite flying? That is possible at Thijs Vliegparadijs. Rent a big kite and try to make it take off as high as possible. I think this is really funny to do and really felt like a happy kid again. 

Beach Schiermonnikoog

Tip; I myself have booked a house at Landal Esonstad, in the north of Friesland. If you want to visit two Wadden Islands during your weekend away, this is the ideal base. From here you are close to the harbor of Lauwersoog and Holwerd, so you can visit both Ameland and Schiermonnikoog. 

Where are you going to book a weekend trip to the Wadden Islands? 

So, these were my tips for a weekend trip to the Wadden Islands. Now the only question is; which island are you going to book? Let me know in a comment below this blog. Did you find this article helpful or do you have any questions? Reassure them and I will be happy to help you on your way. 

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