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What are the deadliest snakes in Australia | And how do you recognize them?

In the previous blog in the series 'dangerous and scary animals in Australië' we focused on the dangerous spiders in Australia† In the meantime we even have such a big jetser of a huntsman spider walking next to the car. You are shocked and make sure that you chug away like the weeder. In this blog, we're going to look at another terrifying beast. For us it is actually at the same height as the spiders. Five of the ten deadliest species of this animal live in the beautiful country that we can now call home. We are, of course, talking about the deadliest snakes in australia, with its slippery gore appearance. Are you ready for it?

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Deadliest Snakes in Australia

When you read about animals in Australia you will undoubtedly quickly come across snakes. Australia is known for the largest, but above all the deadliest snakes on Earth. We ourselves have regularly seen some snakes in Australia. Let's start by saying that you are regularly shocked when you hear something rustling in the bushes again. 99 times out of 100 this is just a lizard, but you know snakes live here. The chance is therefore always present to encounter them. So far we have seen a number of snakes, namely the Olive Sea Snake (deadly), the Diamond Python, Red Bellied Black snake (deadly) and somewhat smaller, harmless snakes.

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The Olive Sea Snake

The, in retrospect, most frightening experience was surely the one with the Olive Sea Snake† While snorkeling next to our house, Thom suddenly saw a sea snake, not knowing that this is life-threatening. Naive as you can be, Thom swam after this beast with his GoPro.

The Olive Sea Snake | One of the dangerous sea snakes
The Olive Sea Snake | One of the dangerous sea snakes

During this snorkeling you will notice that you are immediately very vulnerable. The snake was calm cruising across the ocean with Thom in pursuit when the snake suddenly swam straight up to the surface of the water to breathe. At that moment you have the idea that it is becoming unpredictable and you notice that you are not so mobile and fast underwater.

Then Thom quickly swam to the side to find out what this was. It didn't take him long to figure out exactly what it was. He already had the video on his Instagram stories shared when he already got several messages saying that he had been pretty stupid. When this seemingly calm Olive Sea Snake you bite, because you go out pretty quickly. This Brit can talk about that. At least he could talk about that. The Olive Sea Snake is one of the deadliest snakes in Australia, so you better stay away from it.

De Diamond Python

Right next to our house is a beautiful nature park that goes by the name of North Head. We have been here several times now Diamond Python seen. A very beautiful, quite large snake that is often kept as a pet here. However, there was probably a slightly nonchi Australian who released this beast in a place where many people walk.

The Diamond Python, Australia
The Diamond Python

Red Bellied Black Snake

Then there's this slick boy. It is also funny that there have been a lot of rumors here in the village lately that there is a Red Bellied Black Snake slides around. And also with this snake a bite is usually fatal. So we always notice that, just like with the spiders, we are a little more careful about where we put our hands and where we walk. You can recognize this smooth killer by the red stripe on their belly.

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Deadly bite from a snake in Australia

We will never forget one story of a backpacker in the north of Australia. This boy was working on a banana farm when he reached for a banana and felt a bite on his hand. It is good to know beforehand that a banana farm is the place par excellence, where the most poisonous and scary animals live. This boy became bitten by a Brown Snake† He reportedly told the boss that he was bitten by a brown snake, after which the boss said he should call his parents very soon. He would die within 2 hours, which in the end just happened. A story like this always scares you. A bite by a BrownSnake is fatal within hours in almost all cases.

The red bellied black snake
The red bellied black snake

snakebite Kit in Australia

Because there are so many snakes in Australia, you will find a snakebite kit on almost all farms and construction sites. This way you can at least get there quickly with some antidote. The fact that these first aid kits are available says enough in our opinion. Please don't underestimate this!! A dangerous snakebite in Australia is always lurking and it pays to be extra careful in everything you do.

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We hope you also found this blog interesting to read. In the next blog we will focus on a new beast! Do you want to continue our life follow in Australia, follow us on Instagram @whatifwefly_

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