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The end of the year is in sight, the deep fried doughnut balls can almost go into the deep-fat fryer and the fireworks out of the packaging. New Year's Eve is of course one big party, wherever you are. But one party is not the other. There are a few cities that are among the absolute best in the world when it comes to New Year's Eve parties. So do you want to be able to go completely crazy in a worldly location when the clock starts counting down? Then I would quickly book a flight to one of the cities below. Because believe me, New Years Eve will never be the same again!

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1. Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro | Brazil

You will undoubtedly find the wildest parties at the turn of the year on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil† The Copacabana is of course legendary and especially during New Year's Eve you realize why. Every year, Copacabana's beaches fill up with three million frenzied revelers they start here dancing and swinging happily into the new year. You have to see it to believe it, it's really bizarre.

The dress code is simple: white. Together with the other party goers you can watch the dazzling fireworks show on the beach that is set off on cruise ships just off the coast. The great thing about the parties on the beaches of Rio is that they are mainly free.

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So the wildest parties? On the beach? For nothing? Yes, of course! Live bands, DJs, noisy bars and people all coming here to make it a big party, what more could you want! Besides Copacabana you can dance on the beaches Leme and Ipanema. Want to be absolutely sure that your New Year's wishes come true? According to the belief of the partying Rio, you have to jump seven times over a wave. You can also choose to party in clubs and hotels such as on the Pao do Acucar (Sugar Mountain), but the real party can be found on the beaches of Rio. Sure!

Old & New Rio de Janeiro
Old & New Rio de Janeiro

2. New York | United States

New Year's Eve, Times Square, New York! Definitely one of the most desirable and insane place-to-be in the world during New Year's Eve. This is the place to be if you want to know what real partying is all about. The 'Ball Drop' ceremony – a gigantic glittering ball that descends from a flagpole in the last minutes of the year – has become world famous. The fireworks spectacle that follows is unprecedented. You will be blown away by dazzling decorative fireworks and confetti and feel the trembling tension of hundreds of thousands of people counting down to the new year.

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Be prepared for quite a crowd but trust me, it's worth it. Just make sure you get to Times Square in time to be placed in a box and the show is all yours! After midnight you can party for hours in clubs like the Highline Ballroom. One more thing to do before heading to your hotel is to leave a New Year's wish on the New Year's Eve Wishing Wall.

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New Years Eve New York
New Years Eve New York

3. Sydney | Australia

into Sydney Australië has the first of all major cities every year. Here you are the first in a metropolis to celebrate the New Year. Sydney Harbor in particular is a fantastic place to experience New Year's Eve. You have a perfect view of the overwhelming fireworks show that ignites every year on the Sydney Harbor Bridge. Sydney is proud of her city and likes to show it. After twelve you can have fun in various entertainment venues that can be found crisscrossing the city.

In Darling Harbor and Kings Cross, for example, you will find cool party locations and excellent nightclubs. Make sure you have arranged an entrance ticket in advance, otherwise it could turn out to be a short evening. And of course we don't want that! There is also entertainment on the streets all night long, such as the traditional smoking ceremony of the Aboriginals. Even on the water there is spectacle to be found. At night, dozens of beautifully lit boats sail through Sydney's harbours.

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New Years Eve Sydney
New Years Eve Sydney

4. Berlin | Germany

A little closer to home, but just as breathtaking is the New Year's Eve party in Berlin! This hip city will amaze you with a sensational show at the Brandenburg Gate. The party starts here in the afternoon on New Year's Eve. Artists and world famous bands then perform. The entire area between the Brandenburg Gate, Unter der Linden and the Peace Column is one big party in the evening and at night: light shows, flashing lasers and of course an explosive fireworks show at the turn of the year.

Berlin is shaking to its foundations and you are vibrating happily along with a million people! In Berlin, the credo is mainly relaxed partying with a snack and a drink. Of course, there are plenty of nightlife options throughout the city to keep you going until the late hours. The better clubs can be found at Alexanderplatz, Rosenthaler Platz, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg and Prenzlauer Berg. But perhaps the most fun is to party all night long at the Brandenburg Gate, where a party street of about two kilometers is created by itself.

New Years Eve Berlin
New Years Eve Berlin

5. Funchal, Madeira | Portugal

Portugal? Madeira?? funchal??? Yes, you read that right! Funchal on the flower island of Madeira is usually a quiet place to enjoy the sun and recover from a busy year. But at the turn of the year, this place turns into a sea of ​​lights, fireworks and compelling spectacle. Do you want proof? The celebration at the turn of the year of 2006/2007 is in the Guinness Book of Records and is regarded as the largest fireworks show ever!


The island is magically lit and super cozy during the transition to the new year. In the center of Funchal you will find the nicest bars and cafes, while in the squares and on the street everyone continues to party until the late hours. The weather here is generally very pleasant, so no shivering hands and teeth, but a wonderful party without the cold.

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New Years Eve Funchal
New Years Eve Funchal

Bonus: Samoa and Hawaii

So far our top 5. Do you want to be the very, very, very first to start the new year? Then you will have to travel to the Samoa Islands in the Pacific Ocean. Until 2010, the island group of Kiritimati had the honor of being the first country, but by scrapping December 30, Samoa now has the first together with Kiritimati, part of Kiribati. The reason for opposing the date line had to do with trade interests. By 'going back in time' Samoa is now on par with countries like New Zealand en Australië.

Would you rather be a little later, if not the last to celebrate New Year's Eve? Then Hawaii is the right destination for you. The capital city of Honolulu will not disappoint, the parties here are very lavish! Happy New Year!

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