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To Sardinia during corona with car or camper | That's how you do that!

In recent weeks, Sardinia was the first Italian region to be assigned the corona code 'white'. In other words, with the exception of keeping a distance and mandatory wearing a mouth mask, all corona measures were lifted! We – from Vandemics – are therefore quickly to the second largest island of Italy traveled to discover this pearl. Unfortunately, from March 22, the color code has changed back to orange, which equates to a “medium” lock-down. Nevertheless, we are happy to share with you how you can travel to Sardinia by camper or car so that you can be ready as soon as the color coding is scaled down again!

What you need to arrange in advance

We have spent quite some time figuring out what is needed for the crossing. The list below is what we had to arrange, but to be sure, check the most current information on the websites of Sardinia and those of the boat company.

  • A boat ticket† There are several parties that sell tickets, but our experience is that the website of the Grimaldi shipping company is by far the cheapest. A single trip for 2 people, a private room with bathroom and camper, cost us a total of EUR 120. The boat trip takes approximately 12.5 hours.
  • A negative corona test† We left from Barcelona and there we have through this demo test made an appointment online. The website does not have an English version, so Google Translate helped us.
The boat from Barcelona to Sardinia
The boat from Barcelona to Sardinia

Our PCR test cost EUR 60 per person. In The Netherlands do you get your corona results on the same day, but in Barcelona you will receive it by email a day later. So keep this in mind when planning your test with the date on which you want to leave by boat;

It turned out afterwards that a corona rapid test would have been sufficient. Besides the fact that you can print the result within half an hour and receive it with you, it only costs EUR 30;

And if for some reason the PCR test or the rapid test was in Spain If that doesn't work, you can still have a quick test taken the moment you get off the boat. But in this case, we preferred to make sure they wouldn't refuse us on the boat, so that's why we took the corona test before departure.

The campers are standing between the trucks | By boat to Sardinia
The campers are between the trucks
  • A 'self-declaration form for travel to Italy from abroad'† You must complete this form and bring it with you in printed form. See here the link to the form;
  • A 'self declaration to be completed in block letters and present it during check-in operation† Fill out this form and bring it with you in printed form. This form must be handed in at check-in (see the boat trip tips section below);
  • Register yourself online with Sardinia† basically to indicate that you are coming, how you are going to travel and what your contact details are. This can be done via an app or via a website. Also this website we filled in with the help of Google translate, because unfortunately there was no English version.

And not unimportant to mention: every person who makes the trip must fill in these forms.

The boat trip from Barcelona to Sardinia takes 12.5 hours​
The boat trip from Barcelona to Sardinia takes 12.5 hours

Temperature measurements

In addition to having a negative corona result, body temperature is checked on both the Spanish and Italian side of the boat trip. An employee will come by all vehicles to perform this with the well-known "forehead device", you don't have to do anything for this.

Tips for the boat trip

  • The boat company indicates that you must be present at least 2 hours in advance. Our experience is that an hour is also more than enough. Campers and cars are the last to board;
  • Do not forget to check in at the counter of the boat company, even if you already have booking confirmations that are registered in your name. For example, when you check in, you get the key to your room. This mandatory check-in is not mentioned anywhere;
  • You can decide not to book a room so that you are assigned a seat (like on an airplane). The crossing will then cost only EUR 38 per person (excluding vehicle). There are benches scattered throughout the boat where you can still sleep. We even saw people sleeping in the children's playground.
A standard room on the boat from Barcelona to Sardinia
A standard room on the boat from Barcelona to Sardinia

Corona checks in Sardinia

After the temperature measurement – ​​when you have left the boat – you will be led to a parking space behind an office. Here you have to walk with your passport and your corona result to a table, where you have to show both documents. And that's it. All the customs officer said was “Okay. Bye” and we could walk back to the camper. No stamp, no separate exit from the table where the check was performed. Just walk against the flow of people, start the motorhome and off to the clear water with the white sandy beaches!

With the camper in Sardinia ​
With the camper in Sardinia

Extra tip: would you like to go to Sardinia with kids† Then read the tips with the most beautiful places in the blog of Reiskoe.nl.


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