Whale hits surfers with tail
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Whale hits surfers with tail in Australia | Viral video from Whatifwefly_

Last August we went viral with the above video that we shot of a whale that came very close to the coast. A Southern Right Whale came with her calf near the beach of Manly, where we live. Surrounded by dozens of surfers, the whales became a bit restless, after which the large whale gave a number of surfers a tap with her tail. Luckily we were close with the drone, with which we were able to record everything. A news item on CNN en 7NEWS in Australia followed.

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Whales close to the beach

During a visit to the toilet we suddenly received a call from a friend with the announcement that two whales were very close to the coast. We ran out like crazy to capture the whole spectacle. When we saw our images, we immediately knew one thing: this is a viral video. And this was not a lie.

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Whale hits surfers with tail
Whale hits surfers with its tail – the video can be viewed at the top of the page

On the news in Australia

After we published the video on our Instagram account, we quickly received a call from Australia's largest news channel, 7NEWS. The next morning a large item was made from our whale video with an interview on the beach.

On the news in Australia
On the news in Australia

After this spectacle it was time for the other media. For example, we came across AD.nl, De Telegraaf, NU.nl, RTL news and the NOS news. All this was a big hoopla and we had no idea what to do. We ended up with a small amount of 500 euros, but especially the fame we have gathered with it did us good. Our Instagram name was everywhere, even CNN! Since then, we always keep the drone at hand, as something can always happen here!

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