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Unforgettable roadtrip by Tuscany | are you traveling with me?

One of the many benefits of motorhome travel without a plan is that we can change course at any time. As convinced as we were last week after our visit to Venice, to travel via San Marino to Elba. We are so enthusiastic about the beautiful route that leads us there. Tuscany is one of the most popular regions in Italy and for good reason. Everyone knows the image of the rolling landscapes, full of vineyards, olive trees and cypresses. Surprised again by the beauty of this area, we decide to go for it: we are going roadtrip through Tuscany and we are happy to take you with us!

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Our roadtrip by Tuscany

Val d'Orcia

In addition to driving around the beautiful landscape, a tour Tuscany more to offer. First of all, you can of course enjoy the delicious olives, olive oil and wine during a tasting. But in addition, Tuscany is of course known for its beautiful old towns and villages. How about Florence, the wine village bolgeria, Pisa, Lucca, San Gimignano and Siena? A small selection from the enormous range of beautiful places.

Because we have visited the first 4 pearls before, we decide during the next 2 days of our roadtrip by focusing Tuscany on the Val d'Orcia area. We take the following route : Lago Trasimeno (formally in Umbria located) – La Foce – Monticchiello – Radicofani – Capella Vitaleta, San Quirico d'Orcia – Crete Senesi, Asciano – Siena.

Looking for the most beautiful road in Tuscany

If we are to believe many travel blogs, one of the most beautiful routes in Tuscany is located between La Foce and Radicofani. We therefore decide to drive this way first. The only problem is, there are several roads to Rome, right? In the end we think we took the wrong one, because we didn't come across the road as in the pictures. And so we keep looking. We decide to drive to Radicofani via Monticchiello and… BINGO! A beautiful s-shaped road lined with cypress trees leads us down. This is where we need to grab the drone! Curious about the images? Check out the video above!

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Capella Vitaleta | Peaceful place on Sunday

After a good night's sleep at this motorhome pitch with a view in Radicofani, we continue on our way. Our next goal is one that has been on Lisa's bucket list for a long time: Capella Madonna di Vitaleta. In the photos, this ancient chapel exudes calm, tranquility and peace. As far as we're concerned, there's no better time than to be able to experience this with your own eyes on Sunday. As in our report 'city ​​trip Venice' it is very quiet in many touristic places at the moment, what a luck! We have the beautiful path that leads to it all to ourselves and there are hardly any people at the church either. This in combination with the beautiful autumn colors and the autumn sun makes it complete. Definitely one of the most restful places we've ever visited.

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Crete Senesi | The Instagram hotspot of Tuscany

And of course Erik cannot avoid following me to the Instagram hotspot of Tuscany: Crete Senesi in Asciano. But also finding this place seems easier said than done. First of all, we end up at a hotel with this name. Obviously not the place we're looking for. Then we end up in the middle of the village of Asciano at a tourist office, which does not determine the image we have in mind. Not for me, but it seems that I didn't do my research properly… Erik picks up his phone and literally found the 'viewpoint' within 3 seconds. For anyone who also wants to visit this beautiful place, search for 'Crete Senesi Panoramic Point' and you will get there.

Gosh, that's a pretty logical name. anyway. We arrive at the viewpoint and are not alone here. A popular spot, especially by the time the sun goes down. Nevertheless, this place certainly does not disappoint, what a view! Rolling hills, a beautiful golden valley and again a typical Tuscan road lined with cypress trees that leads to a beautiful old villa. This Instagram hotspot is really as beautiful as in the pictures and can't be missed on your roadtrip through Tuscany!

Sienna | Final destination of the roadtrip

From Asciano we continue our road trip to Siena. From here it is only a half hour drive. But you can't take this kind of travel time too seriously. There is so much beauty to see on the way, that we certainly stopped at least three times. The combination of the setting sun and autumn creates a landscape that turns orange. We decide to enjoy the sunset from our roof terrace (on camper Fred). The best decision so far. This is what we do it for. Enjoying all the beauty in nature, as a couple… in peace.

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