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Croatia | 5x unusual sights

It is common knowledge that you go to Croatia travels for the nice climate, the beautiful old cities, hundreds of islands, an endless coastline and unique nature. But there is more that Croatia is known for. We are happy to share 5 unique sights across the country with you. From the smallest European city to the narrowest street in the world, you'll find it in Croatia and these sights are a fun and unique addition to everything you already know the country from.

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Hum | Big in being small

When you hear the word 'city', you think of a busy place full of buildings and streets filled with people. It's very different in Hum, which is included in the Guinness Book of World Records as the smallest town in the world! Hum is located on the peninsula Istria, at an altitude of 400 meters. When you're at the bottom of the hill, you can hardly believe you're on your way to a city because you see nothing but greenery around you.

5x Unusual Sights You Must See | hum
5x Unusual Sights You Must See | hum

With a population of only 30 people, it is not crowded in Hum and there are no traffic jams, large buildings and no shopping centers. Within the old city walls you will find two streets, two churches and a café where you can taste the Biska, which is prepared according to an age-old recipe.

5x Unusual Sights You Must See | hum
5x Unusual Sights You Must See | hum

Near Hum you can also visit the waterfalls of Kotli. In the riverbed, special recesses have been created in the limestone due to the water. In the spring and autumn there is a lot of swimming and depending on the weather this is also possible in the summer. The combination of the water with the limestone subsoil creates a special color, making Kotli a real photo hotspot. 

Narrow, narrower, narrowest 

On the island of Krk in the Kvarner Bay is the small town Vrbnik. A typical town, built in a way that in some streets cars and motorbikes cannot pass. Some streets are even so narrow that people can't even get through them!

One of these streets is Klančić Street, the narrowest part of which is just over 40 centimeters wide – or rather narrow. This has unofficially declared it the narrowest street in the world, even if an even narrower street appears elsewhere in the meantime.

5x Unusual Sights You Must See | Vrbnik
5x Unusual Sights You Must See | Vrbnik

If you want to discover whether you belong to the group that fits through the alley, or whether you belong to the group that has to take a detour, you will find the answer in Vrbnik. And you are certainly not the only one! Around Vrbnik are a number of beautiful quiet beaches where you can enjoy swimming, snorkeling and diving. During the to dive you can also visit some caves, so be sure to bring a swimsuit when you visit Vrbnik. And after an active day, you can enjoy a glass of dry white quality wine de lahtina.

5x Unusual Sights You Must See | Vrbnik
5x Unusual Sights You Must See | Vrbnik

Short costume

susak is a small but special island. It's only 4 km2 large and secluded in the Kvarner Bay near the island of Lošinj. The island was created when winds blew fine yellow sand onto a rock platform. People have been planting reeds on the island for a long time. The roots of the reed go in search of water and for this they penetrate deep into the soil. This protects the island from erosion.

5x Unusual Sights You Must See | traditional costume
5x Unusual Sights You Must See | traditional costume

In addition to the special origin of the island, the dialect that is spoken is also special, but the most unusual surprise is the traditional costume of Susak. The costume includes a skirt which is considered to be the shortest in the country. Also known as the kamizoti, this old-fashioned Croatian miniskirt consists of five or six white skirts with the top one being the shortest. All underlying layers are always one centimeter longer. The edges of the skirts are finished with handmade lace known as kamufi.

In addition to the kamizoti, the costume consists of a kosula (shirt), a mudonde (underpants with pipes), a suknica (underskirt), kalcete (socks), a bust (vest), a traviersla (apron), a bravaruol (scarf) and carape (decent shoes).

5x Unusual Sights You Must See | susak
5x Unusual Sights You Must See | susak

The island sells dolls dressed in the traditional costume that you can take home as a souvenir. Susak also has a long tradition in making wine dating back to Roman times. The wines are considered some of the best in Croatia. Because Susak is so small, it is nice to go hiking there. You can see much of the island on foot and visit the various beautiful sandy beaches.

Croatian Venice

Krapanj is located 300 meters from the mainland in the archipelago of Sibenik in the region Dalmatia. With a good condition you can swim this distance, were it not that swimming on this route is strictly prohibited. In the XNUMXs, Krapanj was the most populous island in the Adriatic. Unfortunately, the poor economic conditions forced the population to emigrate. With this the island lost the title of the most inhabited island, but it was allowed to keep another title: that of the lowest island in the Adriatic Sea.

5x Unusual Sights You Must See | Krapanj

The highest point on the island is only 1,25 meters above sea level. The threat of rising sea levels is comparable to Venice, which has earned the island the nickname of Croatian Venice. Sinking is not an issue anytime soon, so you have plenty of time to visit the island.

5x Unusual Sights You Must See | sponges
5x Unusual Sights You Must See | sponges

The island is also known as the sponge island. Sponge diving in Croatia once started in Krapanj. This history is showcased tradition in a small museum on the island. The sponges not only look beautiful, but are also very nice to take care of the skin.

The oldest city in Europe

In the east of the region Slavonia Located on the river Bosut is the oldest city in Europe: Vinkovci. The city has been continuously inhabited for 8300 years and has thus earned this title. Archaeological explorations of the region, led by archaeologist Durman, have established its existence and ultimately proved it to be part of an older phase of the Starčevo culture from the 7th century BC. The oldest ceramic oven in Europe was also found there.

The fact that two Roman emperors, the brothers Valentinian and Valens, were born in Cibalia, the Roman name for Vinkovci, attests to how popular Vinkovci was throughout history. Today Vinkovci is best known for the cultural, economic and tourist event”Vinkovci Autumn“, which has been held in this city for more than three decades. The next edition will take place between 9 and 18 September. 

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